Welcome – Canadians for a Nuclear Weapons Convention

As of April 16, 2019, 1034 members of the Order of Canada have joined an initiative led by John Polanyi, C.C., Douglas Roche, O.C., Murray Thomson, O.C. and Ernie Regehr, O.C., calling for international negotiations to achieve a Nuclear Weapons Convention — a verifiable treaty on the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons.

1,034 Recipients of the Order of Canada Call for a Nuclear Weapons Convention

One thousand and thirty-four recipients of the Order of Canada have joined an initiative led by John Polanyi, C.C., Douglas Roche, O.C. and Murray Thomson, O.C., calling for international negotiations to achieve a Nuclear Weapons Convention – a verifiable treaty on the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons.

The Order of Canada is the country’s highest civilian honour and is the centrepiece of Canada’s honours system. It recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. The initiative notes that

There is a growing consensus expressed by world leaders on the urgent need for ridding the world of nuclear weapons. A Nuclear Weapons Convention is widely recognized as the best negotiating process yet devised to bring about nuclear disarmament. In a recent speech to the UN General Assembly, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated that “All parties to the Non Proliferation Treaty could consider negotiating a nuclear weapons convention, backed by a strong verification system, as has long been proposed at the United Nations.”  However, the vision of the elimination of all nuclear weapons, put forward by President Obama and many others today, requires the political will of governments for it to be achieved.

Accordingly, we call on all member States of the United Nations – including Canada – to endorse, and begin negotiations for, a Nuclear Weapons Convention as proposed by the UN Secretary-General in his five-point plan for nuclear disarmament.

List of Endorsers:

Irving Abella, CM, OOnt, Ph.D., FRSC. Toronto, ON Writer, historian and academic

Baha Abu-Laban, CM, Ph.D. Edmonton, AB Sociologist, Race, and Ethnic Studies

Carolyn Acker, CM, RN, MA, DSchc. Toronto, ON  Founder, Pathways to Education Canada

Miriam Adams, CM. Toronto, ON Co-founder of Dance Collection Danse, a national archive of Canadian dance

Howard Adelman, CM. Toronto, ON Professor Emeritus, Founding director of the Centre for Refugee Studies, York Univ.

Ewan Affleck, CM, MD. Yellowknife, NT Family Physician

William Aide, CM. Toronto, ON  Pianist, writer, and professor of music

Bruce Aikenhead, OC, B.Sc, AFCASI, P.Eng. Salmon Arm, BC   Architect & Space Engineer

Robert Aitken, CM, M.Mus. Toronto, ON   Flutist, performer, conductor, composer

Lincoln Alexander, PC, CC, O.Ont, QC, LL.B, LL.D. Hamilton, ON   former Lieut.Governor of Ont. (deceased)

Warren Allmand, PC, OC, QC, BCL, LL.D  Montréal, QC   Human rights consultant

Mary Allodi, CM, MA, FRSA. Toronto, ON   Art Historian, Royal Ont. Museum

Jocelyne Alloucherie, OC, Montréal, QC   Artist and sculptor

Richard Alway, OC, Phil.M, D.Litt.S. Toronto, ON   former president, U. of St. Michael’s College, Toronto

Patsy Anderson, CM. Toronto, ON Philanthropist

Jan Andrews, CM. Lanark, ON Children’s book author

Murray Angus, CM. Ottawa, ON   Native Rights educator and activist

Istvan Anhalt, OC, LL.D. Kingston, ON   Musician & former Head of Music, Queen’s University (deceased)

Louise Arbour, CC, GOQ, LLL, LLD. Toronto, ON Former chief prosecutor ICC, former justice, Supreme Court of Canada

George Archibald, CM. Boraboo, Wisconsin  Naturalist & environmentalist

Raffi Armenian, CM, BSc, LLD. Verdun, QC Conductor

Kenneth Armson, OC. Toronto, ON Former Chief Forester of Ontario, Promoter of forest management & regeneration

Sally Armstrong, CM, MSc, LLD. Toronto, ON Human rights activist, award-winning writer and documentary filmmaker

Fernand Arsenault, CM, D.Th. Cap-Pelé, NB   Education, Culture & Minority Rights Activist

Rina Arsenault, CM. MSW, RSW. Fredericton, NB Researcher, Activist, Author and Educator on Family Violence

Harry Arthurs, OC, LL.M, LL.D, FRSC. Toronto, ON   President, York University, Toronto

Kenojuak Ashevak, CC. Cape Dorset, NWT World-renowned Inuk Artist (deceased)

Gail Asper, OC, OM, LLD. Winnipeg, MB Arts advocate & fundraiser who championed the Can. Museum of Human Rights

Margaret Atwood, CC, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Poet, Novelist & Critic

Louis Audet, CM. Montréal, QC President & CEO, Cogeco Inc., Philanthropist

Paul-A Audet, CM, D.h.c.  Québec, QC   Journalist, former CEO of newspaper Le Soleil

Lloyd Axworthy,  PC, CC, OM, Ph.D.  Winnipeg, MB   President & Vice-Chancellor, U. of Winnipeg

Thomas Axworthy, OC, Ph.D. Toronto, ON   President & CEO, Walter, and Duncan Gordon Foundation

Frederic Back, OC, CQ, D.h.c, RCA. Montreal, QC   Film Animator

Constance Backhouse, CM, LL.D, FRSC. Ottawa, ON   Lawyer, Mediator, Women’s Historian

A. Charles Baillie, OC, MBA, LL.D, FICB. Toronto, ON Banker & Philanthropist

George Baird, CM. Toronto, ON Architect, former Dean of Architecture Univ. of Toronto

John Bandler, OC. Dundas, ON Professor, engineer, artist, and novelist

André Bandrauk, OC, FRSC, FAAAS. Sherbrooke, QC. Computational Chemistry, U de Sherbrooke

Tommy Banks, OC. OAE, LLD. Ottawa, ON   Musician and Senator for Alberta

Mitchell Baran, CM. London, ON  Entrepreneur, innovator in medical technology

Marcel Barbeau, OC, ARC. Baguolet, QC   Painter and Sculptor

Ralph Barford, CM, MBA, LL.D, FICD. North York, ON   Businessman; President of GSW

Harvey Barkun, OC, MD, FRCP.  Rockcliffe, ON   Physician; former E/D, Assn of Canadian Med. Colleges

Christopher Barnes, CM, Ph.D., DSc, FRSC, P Geo. Victoria, BC   Earth Scientist

Michael Barnes, CM, M.Ed. Haliburton, ON  Educator and Author

Henry Barnett, CC, MD, D.Sc, FRCPC. King City, ON   Neurologist (Prevention of Strokes)

  1. J. Barnicke, CM. Toronto, ON Real estate baron and philanthropist (deceased)

Gerald Barr, CM. Ottawa, ON   CEO, Directors Guild of Canada; former President, CCIC

Andrew Barrie, CM. Creemore, ON  Radio broadcaster and advocate re Parkinson’s disease

John Barron, CM. Komoka, ON   Musical Educator

James Bartleman, OC, O.Ont. Perth, ON Former diplomat, former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

Judith Bartlett, CM, MD. Winnipeg, MB  Métis physician, researcher, and health administrator

William Barton, CM, BA, LL.D. Ottawa, ON   former Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations

Michel Bastarache, CC, LL.L, LL.B, DES. Ottawa, ON   former Judge of the Supreme Court of Canada

Robert Bateman, OC. OBC, BA, D.Litt. Saltspring Isl., BC   Wildlife Artist & Painter

Gregory Baum, OC, Montréal, QC   Theologian; Professor of Religious Studies, McGill University

D.W. Baxter, OC, MDCM, FRCPC. Montréal, QC   Neurologist, Directed Montréal Neurological Institute (deceased)

Iain Baxter&, OC, MFA, RCA. Windsor, ON  Internationally recognized Canadian conceptual artist

Richard Beamish, CM, OBC.  Nanaimo, BC   Fisheries Scientist

George Beaton, OC, Ph.D., North York, ON   Nutrition Scientist

David Beatty, CM. Toronto, ON Conway Chair of the Clarkson Centre for Business Ethics and Board Effectiveness

Murray Beck, CM, Ph.D. Lunenburg,  NS   Political Scientist (deceased)

Margaret Becklake, CM, GOQ, MD, FRCP. Montreal, QC   Professor Emeritus of Medicine, McGill University

John Beckwith, CM, Mus.D. Toronto, ON   Music Director, Composer, Performer

Paul Beeston, CM. Toronto, ON   Businessman & President, Toronto Blue Jays

Monique Bégin, PC, OC, Ph.D., DSc, msrc. Ottawa, ON Former federal minister; Professor Emeritus, University of Ottawa

Jeanne Beker, CM, DCL. Toronto, ON Fashion journalist

Jean-Luc Bélanger, CM. Dieppe, NB   Community Sports Activist; “father of Acadian Games”

Tony Belcourt, OC, LLD. Ottawa, ON Advocate for Metis rights

Allan Gordon Bell, CM, FRSC. Cochrane, AB  Musical Promoter, Composer and Teacher

John Kim Bell, OC, D.Mus., LL.D. Toronto, ON   Founded National Aboriginal Achievement Awards

Jenny Belzberg, CM, AOE.  Calgary, AB   Philanthropist

Avie Bennett, CC, O.Ont, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Philanthropist. Headed McClelland & Stewart

Jalynn Bennett, CM. Toronto, ON Expert in investment strategy (deceased)

Mario Bernardi, CC, D.Mus. Toronto, ON   Orchestra Conductor; founded NAC Orchestra (deceased)

Jeanne Besner, CM, Ph.D., RN. Calgary, AB  Nursing Medical Researcher & Administrator

Anita Best, CM, BA, DLitt. Norris Point, NL Singer, story-teller and archivist preserving Newfoundland’s oral culture

Stan Bevington, CM.  Toronto, ON   Publisher & Founder, Coach House Press

Gurcharan Bhatia, CM, FCA. Edmonton, AB    Judge

Ellen Bialystok, OC, Ph.D., FRSC. Toronto, ON Psychologist and professor, a specialist in cognitive benefits of bilingualism

Rabbi Arthur Bielfeld, CM. Toronto, ON Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Emanu-El and advocate for social justice issues

Sandra Birdsell, CM. Regina, SK   Novelist (Métis & Mennonite Prairie Communities)           

James Black, CM, LL.D, FCA. Victoria, BC   Retired Businessman.

David Blackwood, CM, O, ON, D.Litt, RCA.  Port Hope, ON   Painter & Printmaker

David Blair, CM. Québec City, QC  Historian

Clark Blaise, OC, MFA, DLitt. San Francisco, CA Teacher, essayist, and author

Allan Blakeney, PC, OC, SOM, QC, MA, DCL. Saskatoon, SK   Former Premier of Saskatchewan (deceased)

René-Luc Blaquière, CM. Montreal, QC Leader in promoting Quebec cuisine and the Canadian hotel industry

Bernard Blishen, CM, MA. Ottawa, ON   Sociologist, Prof. Emeritus, York University

Michael Bliss, CM, Ph.D., FRSC. Toronto, ON   Historian, University of Toronto

Hans-Ludwig Blohm, CM, MPA. Ottawa, ON  Photographer

René Blouin, CM. Montreal, QC Art dealer

Shirley Blumberg, CM, BArch, FRAIC, OAA. Toronto, ON Architect

Warren T. Blume, CM, MD, FRCPC. London, ON  Neurophysiologist (epilepsy)

Robin Boadway, OC, Ph.D., FRSC. Kingston, ON   Scholar in Public Sector Economics

Bruno Bobak, CM, D.Litt, RCA. Fredericton, NB   Artist (deceased)

Molly Lamb Bobak, CM, ONB, DFA, RCA. Fredericton, NB   Artist (deceased)

Douglas Bocking, CM, MD, FRCPC. London, ON   Physician

Marion Bogo, OC, MSW, RSW. Toronto, ON Leader in the field of social work professional education

Colette Boky, OC. Montreal, QC   Soprano (Met Opera & Vienna Folksoper); Director, Atelier d’Opera

Arnold Boldt, OC. Saskatoon, SK  Paralympic gold medalist in athletics, a role model for the handicapped

Edsel Bonnell, CM. St. John’s, NL   Journalist; former Chief of Staff for two Premiers

Paul Boothe, CM, Ph.D. London, ON Economist

James Borcoman, CM, DFA, LLD. Ottawa, ON Pioneer of Canadian photography

Eli Bornstein, CM. Saskatoon, Artist

Robert Bothwell, CM, Ph.D. Toronto, ON historian, writer on Canadian History and Foreign Policy

Emile “Butch” Bouchard, OC. St-Lambert, QC   Hockey player, coach, broadcaster (deceased)

Claude Bourque, CM. Dieppe, NB   Journalist, and Broadcaster

Robert Bourne, CM, MD, FRCSC. London, ON  Orthopedic Surgeon

Newton Bowles, OC. New York, NY   UNICEF Policy Advisor (deceased)

George Bowering, OC. Vancouver, BC Poet

Liona Boyd, CM, B.Mus, LL.D. New Canaan, CN   Classical Guitarist

Mary Boyd, OC. Blooming Point, PE Founder of McKillop Centre for Social Justice

Joseph Boyden, CM. New Orleans, LA Novelist

William J. S. Boyle, CM, MA. Toronto, ON  CEO Harbourfront Centre

Suzanne Bradshaw, CM, BA. Toronto, ON   Musician & Choir Leader

Arthur Braid, CM, QC, LL.M. Winnipeg, MB   Lawyer; former Dean of Law, University of Manitoba

Dionne Brand, CM. Toronto, ON Poet, novelist, essayist, and documentarian

Laura Brandon, CM. Ottawa, ON Retired Curator of Art, Canadian War Museum

Philip Branton, OC, Ph.D., FRSC. St-Lambert, QC. Cancer researcher

Russell Braun, OC. Georgetown, ON Opera singer

Raymond Breton, OC, Ph.D., FRSC. Toronto, ON   Sociologist

Robert Bringhurst, OC. Heriot Bay, BC  Poet, Translator, Typographer, Linguist, and Cultural Historian

Alan Broadbent, CM. Toronto, ON   President of the Maytree Foundation

Edward Broadbent, CC. Ottawa, ON   Former Leader of NDP; former President of Rights & Democracy

Dave Broadfoot, OC. Toronto, ON   Actor and Writer

Timothy Brodhead, OC. Montréal, QC  former President, J.W. McConnell Family Foundation; former President, CCIC

A.A. Bronson, OC. New York, NY   Artist, Writer. Co-founded Art Metropole

Pierre Brouillette, CM, Ph.D.  Montréal, QC  Semantic

James Bruce, OC. Ottawa, ON   Natural Disasters Environmentalist

Fred Bruemmer, CM, RCA. Montréal Ouest, QC   Photographer (Canadian North)

Thomas Brzustowski, OC, Ph.D., D.Sc,  FRSC, P.Eng. Ottawa, ON   Mechanical Engineer

Judd Buchanan, PC, OC, MBA, LL.D. Silver Star Mountain, BC   former Federal Cabinet Minister

Peter Buckland, CM, MA, FCAE, P.Eng. Vancouver, BC   Structural Engineer (Lions Gate Bridge)

Judith Budovitch, CM, OM, BA. Fredericton, NB   Community Educator

Paul Buisonneau. OC. Montréal, QC   Actor and theatre director

Rabbi Reuven Bulka, CM, Ph.D. Ottawa, ON  Promoter of interfaith dialogue and international causes

Ron Burnett, CM. Vancouver, BC Pres. Emily Carr University of the Arts and Design

Edward Burtynsky, OC. Toronto, ON   Photographer

Sharon Butala, OC, SOM, B.Ed, LL.D. Calgary, AB   Writer, and Lecturer

George Butterfield, OC, BA, LL.B. Toronto, ON   Businessman and Philanthropist

Isabelle Butters, CM. Saskatoon, SK. Former Mayor of Weyburn SK.

Rudy Buttignol, CM. Vancouver, BC President & CEO of Knowledge Network

Alan Cairns, OC, DPhil, LLD, FRSC. Waterloo, ON Political Scientist, expert in federalism, electoral & party systems

Peter Calamai, CM. Ottawa, ON  Science Journalist and Literacy Activist

Barry Callaghan, CM. Toronto, ON Author, Poet, and Anthologist

Christina Cameron, CM. Ottawa, ON Former Parks Canada executive, champion of heritage conservation

Silver Donald Cameron, CM, ONS, Ph.D., DLitt. Halifax, NS  Author, Educator, Journalist

Stevie Cameron, CM, BA, DDiv. Toronto, ON Investigative Journalist

Vickie Cammack, CM, MSM. Surrey, BC Advocate for people living with disabilities

Carmen Campagne, CM. Sainte-Anne, MB Singer, Songwriter, and Composer

Iona Campagnolo, PC, OC, OBC.  Courtenay, BC   Former Federal Cabinet Minister

David Campbell, CM, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Entrepreneur (Cable TV)

Rev. Donald Campbell, CM. Sydney, NS  Retired Catholic Priest

Lorne Campbell, OC, CD, LL. QC. Winnipeg, MB   Former President, Canadian & Manitoba Bar Assns.

Geoffrey Cape, CM. Toronto, ON Urban environmentalist, founder of Evergreen

Mel Cappe, OC. Toronto, ON   Public Service (Clerk of the Privy Council & Secretary to the Cabinet)

Pat Capponi, CM. Toronto, ON Writer, advocate for the homeless and those with mental illness

Bonnie Cappuccino, CM. Maxville, ON   Co-founded Child Haven in India

Fred Cappuccino, CM. Maxville, ON   Unitarian Minister. Co-founded Families for Children Canada

Tantoo Cardinal, CM.  Vancouver, BC   Actress; Founded SK.Native Theatre & Aboriginal performing arts

Robert D. Carman, CM, B.Sc.F. Colborne, ON  Helped strengthen management structures and policies of the Ontario gov’t

Mariette Carrier-Fraser, CM. Ottawa, ON Leader in French language education in Ontario

Robert Carsen, OC. Paris, France   Director of Operas (Paris, Venice, Japan)

Walter Carsen, OC.  Toronto, ON   Industrialist & Philanthropist (deceased)

Allan Carswell, CM. Ph.D., FRSC, P.Eng.  Thornhill, ON   Physicist & Entrepreneur

Elaine Carty, CM. Vancouver, BC  Professor Emerita, Founding Director of UBC’s Midwifery Program

Margaret Casey, CM, MD. Halifax, NS Family Physician

Richard Cashin, PC, OC, LLB. St. John’s, NF Lawyer and former Canadian politician and trade union leader

John Cassaday, CM. Toronto, ON  Entrepreneur

Charles Catto, CM, B.D. Pickering, ON   Clergyman & Founding Director, Frontiers Foundation (deceased)

Paul J. Cavalluzzo, CM. Toronto, ON  Constitutional and Labour Lawyer

Raffi Cavoukian, CM, OBC. Saltspring Island, BC popular children’s singer, songwriter, author

Wendy Cecil, CM. Toronto, ON Business leader, Chancellor of Victoria  University, University of Toronto

Joan Chalmers, CC, O.Ont, DFA, AOCA. Toronto, ON   Philanthropist

Savvas Chamberlain, CM, M.Sc, Ph.D., D.Eng, FCAE, FEIC Waterloo, ON   Businessman

Ted Chamberlin, OC. Halfmoon Bay, BC Scholar, Storyteller, Witness among Aboriginal Peoples and across cultures

Harold Chapman, CM. Saskatoon, SK Leader for seven decades in the co-operative movement

Neena Chappell, CM, Ph.D. FRSC. Victoria, BC Canada Research Chair in Social Gerontology

Stephen Chatman, CM, DMA. Vancouver, BC  Composer, Head, Composition Division, School of Music, UBC

Lawrence Cherney, CM, Mus.M. Toronto, ON  Acclaimed oboist

Saul Cherniack, PC, CM, OM, QC, LL.B. Winnipeg, MB   Lawyer; former Deputy Premier of Manitoba

Paul Cherry, OC. Saint John, NB Leader in developing international accounting standards

Meredith Chilton, CM. Toronto, ON and Wemotaci, QC Art historian and curator

Warren Chippindale, CM, B.Comm, LL.D, FCA. Westmount, QC   Chair, Montreal Neurological Institute (deceased)

Harvey Max Chochinov, OC, MD. Winnipeg, MB  Palliative care physician

Denise Chong, OC, LLD. Ottawa, ON Author, best known for depictions of Chinese immigrants’ lives in Canada

Marc Chouinard, CM.  Memramcook, NB   Artist and Cultural Manager

Jean Chrétien, PC, OM, CC, BA, LLL, cr. Shawinigan, QC Canada’s 20th Prime Minister

Jan Christilaw, CM, MD, FRCSC. White Rock, BC Vice President, Provincial Women’s and Newborn Health, PHSA

Joyce Churchill, CM. Portugal Cove-St. Philips, NL Leader in the autism community

Victor Cicansky, CM, SOM.  Regina, SK   Sculptor

Antoni Cimolino, CM. Stratford, ON  Artistic Director, Stratford Festival

Michael Clague, CM, M.Ed. Vancouver, BC   Community Educator

Barbara Clark, CM. Ottawa, ON   Music Educator and Choral Conductor

Ian D. Clark, CM, DPhil, LLD. Toronto, ON   Professor of Public Policy, University of Toronto

George Elliott Clarke, OC, ONS, Ph.D., LLD. Toronto, ON Poet, novelist, and scholar

Stephen Clarkson, OC. Toronto, ON  Professor of Political Science, the University of Toronto (deceased)

Ronald Cleminson, CM, CD, MA, LL.D. Ottawa, ON   Directed Canada Verification Research at DFAIT (deceased)

Bruce Cockburn, OC. Toronto, ON   Musician & Songwriter

Joy Coghill-Thorne, CM, MFA, LL.D. Vancouver, BC   Actress of stage, TV, and film

Albert Cohen, OC, LL.D, CBHF. Winnipeg, MB   President, GENDIS, Inc. (deceased)

John Robert Colombo, CM. Toronto, ON   Author & Editor

Alex Colville, PC, CC, OBC, LL.B, LL.D. Wolfville, NS   Teacher, Designer, WWII Painter (deceased)

Eleanor Collins, CM. Surrey, BC  Jazz singer

Ruth Collins-Nakai, CM. Edmonton, AB Physician, a leader in the field of cardiology

Elizabeth Comper, CM, MA, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Philanthropist (deceased)

Tony Comper, CM, BA, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Former Senior Manager, BMO Financial Group

Thomas Condon, CM, Ph.D.  Saint John, NB   President, New Brunswick Symphony (deceased)

Martin Connell, OC, O.Ont, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Co-founded Calmeadow Foundation

Francis R. Cook, CM, North Augusta, ON A renowned scientist, conservationist and museum specialist

Ramsay Cook, OC. Toronto, ON Prof of History (deceased)

John Conly, CM, MD. Calgary, AB Physician

Jane Coop, CM. Vancouver, BC  Pianist, performer and educator

Paul Copeland, CM. Toronto, ON   Human Rights Lawyer

Robert M. Cooper, CM, MMus, DLitt. Toronto, ON Choral conductor

Hon. Sheila Copps, PC, OC. Ottawa, ON First Female Deputy Prime Minister, Former Minister of Canadian Heritage

Auréa Cormier, CM, Ph.D. Moncton, NB   Anti-Poverty Activist

Gisèle Côté-Harper, OC. Québec, QC  Lawyer. Former Board Chair, Rights & Democracy

Irwin Cotler, PC, OC, MP, LLM, LLD. Ottawa, ON  Canadian politician, distinguished legal scholar & human rights advocate

Peter Irwin, CM, Ph.D. Guelph, ON Engineer

The Hon. Marilyn Trenholme Counsell, OC, ONB, MD. Sackville, NB  Former Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick

Douglas Coupland, OC, OBC, DLitt, RCA. West Vancouver, BC Canadian novelist, artist, cultural commentator

Thomas Courchene, OC, Ph.D., LLD, FRSC. Kingston, ON Canadian economist and professor

Dennis Covill, CM. Hacketts Cove, NS  Technology innovator

Albert Cox, CM, MD, FRCPC. Cobble Hill, BC   Physician; was Dean, Fac. Medicine, Memorial U, NL

Purdy Crawford, CC, QC, LL.M., LL.D. Toronto, ON   Lawyer & Corporate Philanthropist (deceased)

Anne Crocker, CM. Fredericton, NB   Librarian Emerita, University of New Brunswick

David Crombie, PC, OC., Toronto, ON   Former Mayor of Toronto

David Cronenberg, CC, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Film producer and Director

Cathy Crowe, CM, Toronto, ON as one of Canada’s first street nurses using health care for social justice

we, CM. Toronto, ON Canadian street nurse, educator, author and filmmaker

Lorna Crozier, OC.  North Saanich, BC  Award-winning Canadian Poet

Julie M. Cruikshank, OC, Ph.D., FRSC. Vancouver, BC Anthropologist – history of indigenous peoples in the North

Frances Cutler, OC. Ottawa, ON  Advocate for visually impaired; established Canada’s broadcast reading service

Tracy Dahl, CM. Winnipeg, MB Opera singer

Joseph A. Daigle, CM, QC. Dieppe, NB Former Chief Justice of New Brunswick

Roméo Dallaire, OC. Ottawa, ON   Senator, Author & Lieutenant General (Rtd)

Alban D’Amours, CM, GOQ. Québec, QC  Président de la Confédération Internationale des Banques Populaires

Denis Daneman, OC, MD. Toronto, ON Paediatrician and world-renowned clinician

Bernard Saladin d’Anglure, CM. Quebec, QC Anthropologist, leading expert on shamanism and the Inuit

Sir John Daniel, OC, DSc, DLitt(Hon). Vancouver, BC Educator, Open Learning and Distance Education

William Daniel, OC, BASc, LL.D, FCAE, P.Eng. North York, ON   Engineer; Former Pres., Shell Oil Cda.

Barnett Danson, PC, CC, LL.D.  Toronto, ON Former Minister of National Defence (deceased)

Thomas d’Aquino, CM, Ottawa, ON philanthropist; & public policy in Canada

Gary Dault, CM. ON Writer

Dale Dauphinee, CM,  Montreal, QC & St. Andrews, NB. for developing standards for evaluating physicians

Gustavo U. da Roza, OC, B.Arch, FRAIC. Surrey, BC Retired Architect, designed the Winnipeg Art Gallery

Tirone David, OC, OOnt, MD, FRSC. Toronto, ON  Cardiac surgeon, a pioneer in open-heart surgery

Libby Davies, CM. Vancouver, BC Activist for marginalized people

Victor Davies, CM, BMus, LLD. Toronto, ON Canadian composer, pianist, conductor

Natalie Z. Davis, CC, Ph.D., DLitt, FBA. Toronto, ON  Social Historian

Wade Davis, CM. Bowen Island, BC Anthropologist, environmentalist, ethnobotanist, author & photographer

Shelagh Day, CM, MA. Vancouver, BC. Advocate and legal scholar for women’s rights in Canada

Thomas De Koninck, CM, Ph.D., m.s.r.c, Québec, QC   former Dean of Philosophy, Université Laval

Franklin Delaney, CM, LL.L, BA, ASC, Beaconsfield, QC.  a leader in the telecommunications industry

Catherine Delaney, CM. Toronto, ON   Businesswoman & Philanthropist

Madeleine Delaney-LeBlanc, CM. Shediac, NB Gender equality activist

Jon Dellandrea, CM. Toronto, ON Outstanding fundraiser, President/CEO Sunnybrook Hospital Foundation

Rock Demers, CC, BA. Montreal, QC   Director & Producer of Children’s Films

Michael Dence, OC, D.Sc, FRSC. Ottawa, ON Space Scientist

Louise Dennys, CM, BA, DCL. Toronto, ON Publisher and editor, passionate promoter of Canadian writers

Peter Dent, CM. Hamilton, ON Professor emeritus of pediatrics

Michael de Pencier, CM, OOnt, MA. Toronto, ON Leading magazine publisher

Nathalie Des Rosiers, CM, O.Ont. Ottawa, ON  Dean of Common Law, University of Ottawa

Peter Desbarats, OC. London, ON   Journalist; former Dean, Grad School Journalism, U. of Western Ontario (deceased)

Jean Deslauriers, OC, MD, FRSC(C). Saint Laurent, QC Thoracic Surgeon, Université De Laval

Louis Desrochers, CM, AOE, c.r., LL.B, LL.D. Edmonton, AB  Lawyer

Marq de Villiers, CM. Port Medway, NS  Author, Journalist

Marie-Éva de Villers, CM, CQ, Ph.D. Montréal, QC Author & Linguist

Jan de Vries, CM. Pickering, ON   Veteran;  Founded Living History Speakers Bureau

A.J. Diamond, OC, O.Ont, D.Eng, LL.D, FRAIC. Toronto, ON   Architect

Beverley Diamond, CM. St. John’s, NL Ethnomusicologist featuring First Nations’ music

Jennifer Dickson, CM, LL.D, RA. Ottawa, ON   Painter, Photographer & Printmaker

Charles Diemer, CM. Woodslee, ON   Dairy Farmer and Pioneer in Cooperative Union of Ontario

Henry Dinsdale, CM, MD, FRCP. Kingston, ON   former President, Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons

John Dirks, CM, MD, MSc, FRCPC, FRSC.  Toronto, ON Pres. Gairdner Foundation, former Dean of Medicine, U of Toronto

Léo A. Dorais, OC,  Ph.D. Ottawa, ON   Founding Rector, Université du Québec à Montréal

Roger Dorton, CM, Ph.D., D.Sc, FCAE, P.Eng. Toronto, ON   Civil Engineer

John Dossetor, OC, Ph.D., FRCP. Edmonton, AB   Physician; Co-founded Kidney Foundation

Shirley Douglas, OC, LLD. Toronto, ON  One of Canada’s finest performers, renowned social activist

The Hon. Elizabeth Dowdeswell, OC. Toronto, ON  Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Former UN Under-Secretary-General

Francis Patrick Doyle, CM, BSc,  MD. Winnipeg, MB   Physician

Garth Drabinsky, OC, LL.B, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Theatrical Producer

Clare Drake, CM. Edmonton, AB  Innovative Hockey Coach

Stephen Drance, OC, MD, D.Sc, LL.D, FRCS. Vancouver, BC   Physician; Head, UBC Dept Opthalmology

Jacques Dubois, CM, MD.  Welland, ON   Physician

Rupert Duchesne, CM. Toronto, ON Leader in loyalty programs and head of Aimia

Muriel Duckworth, CM, MA. Halifax, NS   Peace Educator; Co-founded Voice of Women (deceased)

Calixte Duguay, CM, MA, DM. Caraquet, NB   Writer, Composer, Singer, Producer

Mathieu Duguay, CM. Lamèque, NB   Musician;  Founder, Baroque Music Festival

Daphne Dumont, CM, MA, QC. Charlottetown, PE Lawyer

James Durrell, CM. Ottawa, ON Former Mayor of Ottawa

Marcel Dutil, CM, CQ, DU. Outremont, QC   Businessman

Phil Dwyer, CM. Qualicum Beach, BC Jazz Performer, Composer & Producer

Howard Dyck, CM, LL.D. Waterloo, ON   Conductor and former CBC broadcaster

Alan Earp, OC, M.Litt, LL.D  Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON   President & Vice-Chancellor, Brock University

Michael Eaton, CM, B.Sc. Dartmouth, NS   Scientist (Hydrography); “Father of the Electronic Chart”

James Eayrs, OC, Ph.D., FRSC. Toronto, ON   Author (Military-Political History)

Marlys Edward, CM.  Toronto, ON  Barristers Professional Corporation

Iwan Edwards, CM, B.Mus, Lachine, QC   Musician. Chorus Master, Montréal Symphony

James Edwards, CM, DFC, DFM, C.D. Comox, BC   RCAF; Flew 370 combat missions in WWII

Atom Egoyan, CC. Toronto, ON   Filmmaker

Robert Elgie, CM, MD, LL.D, FRCS. Keswick, ON   Neurosurgeon & lawyer

Mostafa Elhilali, OC, OQ, MD, Ph.D., FRCSC. Montréal, QC   Surgeon & Urologist

Deborah Ellis, CM. Simcoe, ON Author, activist, and philanthropist

John Ellis, OC, LL.D, ORS. Vancouver, BC   Banker; former Vice Chair, Bank of Montréal

Gordon Emberley, CM.  Lac Du Bonnet, MB   Aviation Historian & Conservator

Howard Engel, CM, BA, LLD. Toronto, ON CBC producer and broadcaster, mystery writer

Robert Engle, CM, BS. Yellowknife, NT   Founded NorthWest Transport and NW Territorial Airways (deceased)

John English, OC, Ph.D., FRSC. Toronto, ON Founding Director, Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary Int’l History, UofT

Murray Enkin, CM. Hamilton, ON  Development of midwifery as a recognized profession

Michael Eskin, CM, Ph.D. Winnipeg, MB Pioneer researcher in the canola oil industry

Carole Anne Estabrooks, CM, Ph.D. Edmonton, AB Expert on healthcare for older Canadians

Allan B. Etmanski, CM, MSM Surrey, BC Advocate for people living with disabilities

Sorel Etrog, CM.  Toronto, ON   Sculptor (deceased)

John Evans, CC, OOnt, MD, DPhil. Toronto, ON Canadian pediatrician, academic, businessman, civic leader (deceased)

William MacDonald (Mac) Evans, CM. Kanata, ON Leader in Canada’s space program

Hon. J. Trevor Eyton, OC, QC. Toronto, ON Canadian businessman, former lawyer and Senator

Joseph Fafard, OC, SOM, MFA. Lumsden, SK Sculptor

Gathie Falk, CM, OBC. Vancouver, BC Artist

John Haig Farris, OC. Bowen Island, BC Venture capitalist in the technology sector

Paul Fazio, CM, Ph.D., Eng (QC), Eng (ON), FCSCE. Montréal. QC   Civil & Environmental Engineer

Linda Fedigan, CM, Ph.D., FRSC. Calgary, AB Primatologist

William Feindel, OC, GOQ, MDCM, D.Phil. Montréal, QC   Neurosurgeon & Curator, Penfield Archive (deceased)

Victor Feldbrill, OC, OOnt. Toronto, ON Conductor, teacher, former resident conductor, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Anthony Fell, OC. Montréal, QC Canadian businessman, former chairman of RBC Capital Markets

Fraser Fell, CM. Toronto, ON Philanthropist, lawyer, businessman

Ivan Fellegi, OC, Ph.D. Ottawa, ON  former Chief Statistician of Canada

Colm Feore, OC. Stratford, ON Stage, Film and Television Actor

Graeme Ferguson, CM, BA, RCA, CSC. Baysville, ON  Cinematographer, co-founded IMAX and MAXIMAX

Marcien Ferland, OC. La Salle, MB   Composer, conductor, choir director

Solange Fernet-Gervais, CM, CQ. Hérouxville, QC   Agriculturalist; former Director, Can Fed. of Agriculture

Paterson Ferns, CM. Victoria, BC   Film & TV Producer; former Director, CBC films & TV

Sheila Fischman, CM, M.A., D.U. Montréal, QC   Literary Translator

Nigel Fisher, OC, O.Ont, MSC, MA, LLD. Salt Spring Island, BC  Humanitarian, former head of UN Mission in Haiti

James D. Fleck, CC, BA, DBA, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Chair, Business for the Arts

Brian Flemming, CM, QC, LLM, DCI. Halifax, NS Solicitor, businessman and educator

Marielle Fleury, CM, C.Q. Brome, QC   Fashion Designer

Morris Flewwelling, CM. Red Deer, AB   Educator in Heritage Preservation

David G. Fountain, CM. Halifax NS, an Investor

Charles Foran, CM. Toronto, ON Literary journalist, biographer and novelist

Joan Ford, CM, MD, Ch.B, Vancouver, BC   Physician & President, Trans Himalayan Refugee Society

Tom Forrestall, CM, ONS, BFA, RCA. Dartmouth, NS   Artist

Yves Fortier, CC, OQ, c.v, LL.D. Montréal, QC   Former Cdn. Ambassador to the UN

Norman Foster, OC. Fredericton, NB Playwright

Joella Foulds, CM, MSW, DLitt. Southside Boularderie, NS Executive/Artistic Director, Celtic Colours International Festival

David G. Fountain, CM, Halifax, NS, an Investor.

Cyril B. Frank, CM, MD, FRCS(C). Calgary, AB Orthopedic surgeon, a leader in the bone and joint repair research

Ursula Franklin, CC, O.Ont, Ph.D., LL.D, FRSC. Toronto, ON   Prof of Engineering; Peace Educator (deceased)

Margot Franssen, OC. Toronto, ON   Founded The Body Shop Canada

Clarke Fraser, OC, FRSC. Bear River, NS   Prof Emeritus, Human Genetics, McGill University

David Fraser, CM, Ph.D. Vancouver, BC  Renowned Scientist & Scholar, Animal Welfare

Irene Fraser, CM. Millet, AB Advocate for the fair treatment of Aboriginal people in the justice system

John A. Fraser, CM, MA, D.Litt. Toronto, ON   Journalist, Master Emeritus, Massey College

Catherine Frazee, OC. Canning, NS Writer, educator and disability rights advocate

Louise Fréchette, OC. Montréal, QC Former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations; Chair, CARE Canada

Richard French, CM. Chelsea, QC Businessman, academic and former politician

John Friesen, CM, DFC, Ed.D, LL.D. Vancouver, BC   Veteran; former Director of U. of BC Extension Dept (deceased)

John Fryer, CM, MA. Victoria, BC   Was Pres of  National Union of Public & General Employees

Abraham Fuks, CM, Montreal, QC medical research on ethical dimensions of clinical trials involving language

Michael Fullan, OC. Toronto, ON Educational reformist, scholar, and teacher

Margaret Fulton, OC, Ph.D., Ed.D. Saltspring Isl., BC  Was President Mount St. Vincent University (deceased)

Kenneth Fyke, CM, MHSA, LL.D. Victoria, BC   Hospital Administrator

Etienne Gaboury, CM, LL.D, DCL, RCA, FRAIC. Winnipeg, MB   Architect, and Artist

Michel Gagné, CM, BA  Edmundston, NB   Special Education Worker & Municipal Councillor

Madeleine Gagnon, CM, DLitt. Montréal, QC Professor, Poet, Essayist, Novelist and Critic

Jay Gajjar, CM, MA. Mississauga, ON   Community Fundraiser

Corinne Gallant, CM, Ph.D. Dieppe, NB   Women’s Rights Activist

Lorette Gallant, CM, D.Mus, ndsc. Dieppe, NB   Musician; “Singing Ambassador  of Acadia

Col. John Gardam, OC, OMM, MSM, CD. Ottawa, ON  Former Colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces

Marc Garneau, CC, CD, Ph.D., FCAS, MP. Westmount, QC Canadian politician, a pioneer in the Canadian Space Program

Jack Gauldie, CM, Ph.D., FRSC, DSc. Hamilton, ON, for research on antimicrobial resistance and infection control in Canada

Roland Gauvin, CM. Moncton, NB   Singer & Composer

Patsy George, CM, OBC, MSW. Vancouver, BC   Social Worker

Paul Gérin-Lajoie, CC, GOQ, D.Ph, c.r. Montréal, QC   Former President of CIDA

John W. Gerrard, OC, D.M, FRCP. Saskatoon, SK   former Head of Pediatrics, University of Sask. (deceased)

Jack Gerrow, CM. Ottawa, ON,

Maynard Gertler, CM. Montréal, QC    Publisher & Agriculturalist (deceased)

Hon. Ronald Ghitter, CM, Calgary, AB former Senator, lawyer, and a human rights advocate

Nassif Ghoussoub, OC, FRSC. Vancouver, BC Professor of Mathematics, UBC

Alan Giachino, CM. Ottawa, ON   Volunteer Orthopaedic Surgeon

Graeme Gibson, CM, BA. Toronto, ON   Novelist; Co-founded Writers Union of Canada

William Gibson, CM, MD, D.Sc., FRCPC. Victoria, BC   Established Department of Medicine at UBC (deceased)

Mallory Gilbert, CM.  Toronto, ON   Former General Manager, Toronto’s Tarazon Theatre

Alastair Gillespie, PC, OC, M.Comm.  Toronto, ON   Former Federal Minister of several Departments

Robert Gillham, CM., Ph.D., D.Sc., FRFC. Guelph, ON   Earth Scientist

Margie Gillis, CM, CQ. Montréal, QC   Dancer and Choreographer

Robert Giroux, CM, M.Sc. Gatineau, QC   President, AUCC; former Comptroller General of Canada

Susan Glass, CM. Winnipeg, MB Tireless volunteer, committed philanthropist

Don Glendenning, CM, Ph.D. Charlottetown, PE   Educator; Co-founded Holland College

Robert Glossop, CM, Ph.D., D.Sc. Ottawa, ON   Executive Director, Vanier Institute of the Family

Norman Goble, OC, M.A., LL.D, F.E.I.S. Moncton, NB   former Sec-Gen, CTF & World Teach Confed.

Francois Godbout, CM. Montreal, QC Philanthropist

Charles Godfrey, CM, MD, FRCPC. Toronto, ON   Prof Emeritus, U of Toronto (Medicine)

Dale Godsoe, CM, D.Hum.Litt. Halifax, NS   Women’s Rights Activist

Peter Godsoe, OC, OOnt, MBA, LLD, FCA. Toronto, ON Businessman, former Chairman & CEO, Bank of Nova Scotia

Ted Godwin, OC, LL.D, RCA. Calgary, AB   Painter (deceased)

Phil Gold, CC, OQ, MDCM, FRCPC. Montréal, QC   Physician-in-Chief, Montréal General Hospital

David Goldbloom, OC, MD, FRCP(C). Toronto, ON Mental health clinician, educator, and advocate

Michael Goldbloom, CM. Sherbrooke, QC  Principal, Bishops University, Lennoxville

Richard Goldbloom, OC, MDCM, FRCPC. Halifax, NS  former Physician-in-Chief, W. K. Children’s Hosp.

Ruth Goldbloom, OC, ONS, D.Hum.Litt. Halifax, NS   former Chancellor, Technical U. of Nova Scotia (deceased)

Sheila Goldbloom, CM, CQ, MSW. Montréal, QC  Social worker, teacher, dedicated volunteer

Victor Goldbloom, CC. Montréal, QC   was Québec’s first Minister of the Environment (deceased)

Anne Golden, CM, OOnt, Ph.D., LLD. Toronto, ON Past President & CEO, Conference Board of Canada

Martin Goldfarb, OC, MA. Toronto, ON   Businessman and Philanthropist

Philip Gosling, CM. Guelph, ON Philanthropist, Pioneered the building of the Bruce Trail

Andrew Goussaert, CM. Winnipeg, MB   Founded Canadian Arctic Cooperative Fedn in NW Territories

John R. Grace, OC, Ph.D., DSc, FRSC, P.Eng. Vancouver, BC  Professor and Canada Research Chair in Clean Energy Processes

Sherrill Grace, OC, Ph.D., FRSC. Vancouver, BC Writer, Pioneer in Canadian Literary Studies

Anthony Graham, CM, MD, FACC, FRCPC. Toronto, ON   Cardiologist & Prof of Medicine, U of Toronto

William C. Graham, PC, CM, QC. Toronto, ON Former Minister of Foreign Affairs/Minister of National Defence

Bernard Grandmaître, CM. Ottawa, ON Former Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs

Jon K. Grant, OC, BA, LLD. Peterborough, ON Business leader

Ted Grant, CM. Victoria, BC Photographer

Charlotte Gray, CM, B.A, LL.D, Ottawa. ON   Historical Biographer

Jean Gray, CM, MD, FRCPC. Halifax, NS Internist

John Gray, OC, LL.D. Vancouver, BC   Playwright & Composer

Geoffrey Green, CM. Chelsea, QC  Explorer and conservationist in the Arctic & Antarctic

Shirley Greenberg, CM. Toronto, ON   Lawyer, Women’s Rights Advocate, Philanthropist

Albert Greer, CM. Orillia, ON  Singer, composer & conductor of choral music

Claude Grenier, CM, DBA. Chicoutimi Nord, QC   Ceramic Artist (Aboriginal art, handicrafts)

Stanley Grizzle, CM, O.Ont.  Toronto, ON   Trade Unionist (Human Rights)

Phyllis Grosskurth, OC, Ph.D. Toronto, ON   Biographer

Clarence Guenter, CM, MD, D.Hum, FRCPC. Canmore, AB   Physician (Health Care Delivery)

Irene Grant Guerette, CM. Nouvelle, QC   Artist & Community Educator

Paul John Perry Guloien, CM. Edmonton, AB Accomplished jazz saxophonist

Ramsay Gunton, CM, MD, FRCPC.  London, ON   Cardiologist (Cardiac Catheterization)

Chris Hadfield, OC, OOnt, MSC, CD. Toronto, ON Retired astronaut, first Canadian to walk in space

Grete Hale, CM, LL.D, BJ, FRHSC, GCIJ, FGCS Ottawa, ON   Businesswoman

Douglas Hall, CM, Th.D.  Montréal, QC   Prof. of Christian Theology, McGill University

Judith Hall, OC, MD, FRSC, FCAHS. Vancouver, BC. Retired Pediatrician

David Halliday, CM, PEng, CEng. Vancouver, BC   Adj. Prof. University of BC

Francess Halpenny, CC, MA, LL.D, FRSC. Toronto, ON   Librarian. Edited Dictionary of Cdn. Biography

Mitchell Halperin, CM, MD Toronto, ON Nephrology. Emeritus Professor, Medicine, St. Michael’s Hospital

Wayne Hambly, CM, OPEI. Charlottetown, PE Businessman

Stuart Hamilton, CM. Toronto, ON   Musician (deceased)

Piers Guy Paton Handling, OC, OOnt. Toronto, ON CEO Toronto International Film Festival

Stephen Hanessian, OC, FRSC. Montréal, QC   Pharmacy Research, Chemistry Dept., U. de Montréal

Catherine Hankins, CM, MD, CCFP, FRCP(C). Sutton, QC  Community Medicine Specialist on HIV Prevention

Barbara Hannigan, CM. Vienna, Austria and Halifax, NS Opera singer and actress

Dana Hanson, CM, MD. Fredericton, NB Dermatologist, former President of Can. & World Medical Associations

Gregory Hanson, CM. Winnipeg, MB Business leader & dedicated community volunteer

Morley Hanson, CM. Chelsea, QC Coordinator of Nunavut Sivuniksavut, a college program for Inuit youth

Michael Harcourt, OC. Vancouver, BC  Former Mayor of Vancouver and BC Premier

Buzz Hargrove, OC, LL.D. Mississauga, ON   Former President, Canadian Auto Workers

Richard Harington, OC. Gatineau, QC   Curator,  Quarternary Zoology Emeritus

Donald Harron, OC, O.Ont, BA. Toronto, ON   Actor, Author & Playwright (deceased)

Evelyn Hart, CC, OM. Toronto, ON Prima Ballerina

Hanny Hassan, CM, PEng. London, ON   Broadcast engineer

M. Daria Haust, OC, MD, FRCPC. Toronto, ON Distinguished scientist & educator in the field of modern pathology

Brent Hawkes, CM, D. Min. Toronto, ON   Senior Pastor, Metropolitan Community Church

Brian Haynes, OC, MD, Ph.D., FRCPC, FRSC, MACP, FACMI. Hamilton, ON  World Leader in Health Informatics

Linda Haynes, CM, Toronto, ON   Businesswoman; Co-founded ACE Bakery Ltd.

Raymond Heimbecker, OC, O.Ont, MA, MD. Collingwood, ON   Cardiovascular Surgeon (deceased)

Gerald Helleiner, OC, Ph.D., LL.D, FRSC. Toronto, ON   Development Economist, University of Toronto

David Helwig, CM. Belfast, PE   Writer, Poet

Ydessa Hendeles, CM, O.Ont, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Art Collector & Curator

Lyman Henderson, CM, BA. Woodbridge, ON   Writer and Business Consultant (deceased)

Thomas Hendry, OC, FCA. Toronto, ON   Playwright, Producer, Administrator (deceased)

Martha Lou Henley, CM. Vancouver, BC Philanthropist, patron of the arts

Jacques Henripin, CM, CQ, DU  Mount-Royal, QC   Demographer; “Father of Quebec Demography”

Martha Henry, CC, O.Ont, LL.D. Stratford, ON   Actress & Director, Stratford Festivals

Ben Heppner, CC, BMus, LL.D. Toronto, ON  Opera Singer, “Heroic leading tenor of our time”

Nancy Hermiston, OC, BMus. Vancouver, BC Opera Singer, and Conductor

Margaret Hess, OC, AOE, LL.D.  Calgary, AB   Artist & President, Calgary Zoo

Sibylla Hesse, CM. Montreal, QC Philanthropist

Jacques Hetu, OC, OQ, m.s.rc. Saint-Hippolyte, QC   Musician & Composer (deceased)

Angela Hewitt, CC, B.Mus, DU, ARCT. London, UK   Pianist; “musical ambassador for Canada”

Odette Heyn, CM. Winnipeg, MB Co-founder and director of the Professional Program of Contemporary Dancers

Meg Hickling, CM, OBC, LL.D. Vancouver, BC   Sexual Health Educator

Tomson Highway, CM, BMus. Noelville, ON  Playwright, novelist and pianist/songwriter

Charles Hill, CM, M.A. Ottawa, ON   Curator & Art Historian

David Hill, CM, QC, LL.B.  Ottawa, ON   Lawyer

Elizabeth Hillman, OC, MD, FRCPC.  St. John’s, NL   Paediatrician

Norman Hillmer, CM, Ph.D. Ottawa, ON  Historian, Carleton University

Margaret Hilson, OC, MES, RN. Vancouver, BC   former Head, International Program, CPHA

John Hobday, CM.  Senneville, QC   Executive Director, Bronfman Family Foundation

Paul Hoffert, CM, Toronto, ON   Composer and Musician

Paul Hoffman, OC. Victoria, BC Research Geologist on Precambrian Plate Tectonics in NWT

Peter Hogg, CC, QC, Ph.D., FRSC. Toronto, ON   Constitutional lawyer

Antony Holland, CM. Gabriola Island, BC. Actor and teacher

Greg Hollingshead, CM, Ph.D. Edmonton, AB  Teacher & Writer

Walter Homburger, CM. Toronto, ON Music agent, former managing director of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Catherine Hooper, CM.  Chateauguay, QC    Community organizer

Robin Hopper, CM. Victoria, BC Ceramist

Myer Horowitz, OC. Victoria, BC   former President of University of Alberta

Norman Horrocks, OC, Ph.D., FCLIP. Halifax, NS   Library Science, Dalhousie U. (deceased)

Valdy Horsdal, CM. Salt Spring Island, BC Folk Singer

Eric Hoskins, OC, MD, MSC, D.Ph, LL.D, FRCPC. Toronto, ON   Co-founded War Child Canada

Stuart Houston, OC, SOM, MD, D.Litt. Saskatoon, SK   Diagnostic Radiologist

Thomas Hudson, OC, MD. Toronto, ON  President & Scientific Director, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Stanley Hughes, CM, D.Sc, FRSC, FMLS. Ottawa, ON   Mycologist (Fungi & Moulds)

Mel Hurtig, OC, LL.D. Vancouver, BC   Journalist, Author; Published Canadian Encyclopedia (deceased)

Vicky Husband, CM, OBC. Victoria, BC  Conservationist – Established first Grizzly Bear Sanctuary

Helen Huston, OC, MD, LL.D. Edmonton, AB   Physician (30 years in Nepal)

Linda Hutcheon, OC.  Toronto, ON Prof of Comparative Literature

Tony Ianzelo, CM, RCA. Mount Royal, QC   Cinematographer (100+ NFB films)

Liz Ingram, CM. Edmonton, AB Artist

Elke Inkster, CM, BA. Erin, ON   Book Publisher (The Porcupine’s Quill)

Tim Inkster, CM, RGD. Erin, ON   Book Publisher (The Porcupine’s Quill)

Arthur Irving, OC. Saint John, NB Business leader, and philanthropist

Laurent Isabelle, CM, Ph.D., FCPA Ottawa, ON   Past President of Algonquin College, Ottawa

Daniel Ish, OC.  Saskatoon, SK Former Chief Adjudicator, Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat

Frances Itani, CM, MA, RN. Ottawa, ON Canadian writer, poet, and essayist

Richard M. Ivey, CC, Toronto, ON   Businessman

Richard W. Ivey, CM. Toronto, ON   Entrepreneur. Chair & CEO, Ivest Corporation

Eric Jackman, CM, OOnt, CD, Ph.D., LLD, DSc, FCGPA. Toronto, ON Psychologist, businessman, and philanthropist

Henry Jackman, OC, O.Ont, LL.D. Toronto, ON   former Lieut. Governor of Ontario

Yves Jasmin, OC. Montréal, QC   former Public Relations Director, EXPO 67

Tamara Jaworska, CM, GA, RCA, MFA. Toronto, ON   Fiber Artist in Tapestry (deceased)

Douglas Jay, CM, MA, M.Div, Ph.D., DD. Mississauga, ON   Founding Dir, U of T  School of Theology

Pierre Jeanniot, OC, CQ, B.Sc, LL.D  Montreal, QC   Pres. Emeritus of Air Canada & CEO, IATA

Jean-Paul Jeannotte, OC. Montréal, QC   Artistic Director, Montréal Opera

David Jenkins, OC, MD, FRSC, FRCP(C). Toronto, ON World Leader in Nutrition Research

Kenneth Jenkins, CM, Ph.D. Ottawa, ON   Retired Biochemist

Jon Jennekens, OC, B.Sc, P.Eng. Gloucester, ON   Engineer; former Pres/CEO, Atomic Energy Control Board

Eric Jerrett, CM, B.Eng, P.Eng. Bay Roberts, NL   Architect & Engineer

Norman Jewison, CC, BA, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Filmmaker; won 9 Academy Awards

Aditya Jha, CM. Mississauga, ON  Businessman and entrepreneur

Sven Johansson, CM, FRGS.  Victoria, BC   Arctic Specialist & Dance Choreographer

Marcel Junius, OC, Québec, QC   Architect/Urban Planner

Diane Juster, CM. Montréal, QC Singer and composer

Danielle Juteau, CM, Ph.D., msrc. Montréal, QC Sociologist, Ethnic and Women’s Studies

Karen Kain, CC, LL.D. Toronto, ON  Retired ballet dancer; Artistic Director, National Ballet of Canada

Harold Kalant, CM, MD, Ph.D., FRSC. Toronto, ON  Addiction scientist; Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

Elsie Kawulych, CM. Vegreville, AB  Preserving and promoting Ukrainian culture

Naïm Kattan, OC, CQ, msrc. Montréal, QC & Paris, France Canadian novelist, and essayist

Cyril Kay, OC. Edmonton, AB   Prof Emeritus Biochemistry, University of Alberta

Gregory Kealey, CM. Fredericton, NB  Historian of the working class in Canada

Terry Kelly, CM, BA, DCL. Halifax, NS   Blind Musician & supporter of CNIB

Betty Kennedy, OC.  Campbellford, ON   Retired Senator and Broadcast Journalist (deceased)

Garry Kennedy, CM, MFA. Halifax, NS   Visual Artist; former Head, NS College of Art & Design

Jamie Kennedy, CM. Toronto, ON  Chef, Leader in culinary arts

Nuala Kenny, OC, MD, FRCPC, LL.D. Halifax, NS  Pediatrician

Tom Kent, CC. Kingston, ON   former Chair, Royal Commission on Newspapers (deceased)

Azhar Ali Khan, CM. Ottawa, ON   Journalist

Bruce Kidd, OC, Ph.D. Toronto, ON   Former Olympic Athlete; Dean of Physical Edn, U of Toronto

Thomas Kierans, OC, MBA, LLD. Toronto, ON Businessman, former Vice-chair, Social Science & Humanities Council

James (Hamish) Kimmins, CM, Ph.D.  Denman Island, BC Forest Ecologist

Bonnie Klein, OC. Vancouver, BC  Filmmaker, rights for women and the disabled

Michael Klein, OC, MD, CCFP, FCFP, FAAP, FCPS. Vancouver, BC Family Physician, Leader in Maternity Care

Susan Knight, CM, ONL, Ph.D., MAME, LL.D. St. John’s, NL   Founder,  Nfld Symphony Youth Choir

Joy Kogawa, CM, OBC, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Poet

Wanda Koop, CM, DFA, D.Litt, RCA. Winnipeg, MB   Visual Artist

Lucia Kowaluk, CM. Montreal, QC  Community Activist

Burton Kramer, CM. O.Ont Toronto, ON Graphic Design

Kenneth Kramer, CM, BA, LL.D. North Vancouver, BC   Co-Founded Regina Globe Theatre

Marcel Kretz, CM. Val David, QC   Master Chef

James Kudelka, OC. Vittoria, ON Choreographer

Anton Kuerti, OC. Toronto, ON    Musician & Co-Founder, Concertmasters

Anita Kunz, OC. Toronto, ON   Illustrator

Eva Kushner, OC. Toronto, ON   former President, Victoria University of the University of Toronto

Ernie Kuyt. CM, MA.  Edmonton, AB   Retired Wild Life Biologist (Whooping Cranes) (deceased)

Jacques Lacombe, OC. Montreal, QC  Conductor, and promoter of Canadian music

Donat Lacroix, OC. Caraquet, NB   Fisherman, Singer, Composer, Actor

Jack Laidlaw, CM, Ph.D.,  FRCPC  Toronto, ON   Physician;  Dir. Inst. of Medical Science, U of  T

Zaheer Lakhani, C.M. MD, FRCPC. Edmonton, AB   Cardiologist

Leslie Laking, CM, Dundas, ON   Director Emeritus, Royal Botanical Gardens (deceased)

Jean-Marc Lalonde, CM. Rockland, ON Former Liberal MPP, Leader in Ontario’s French-Speaking Community

Roger Lalonde. CM, BA, FLMI. Calgary, AB   Businessman & French Culture Activist (deceased)

Nathalie Lambert, OC. Anjou, QC Olympic medalist in speed skating

Phyllis Lambert, CC, GOQ, M.Arch, LL.D. Montréal, QC   Founded Canadian Centre for Architecture

Arthur Lamothe, CM. Montreal, QC   Film Maker & Director, Native Canadian Theatre

Claude Lamoureux, OC, OQ, OOnt. Toronto, ON Former President/CEO, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

Aldéa Landry, CP, CM, c.r., LL.B., LL.D. Moncton, NB   Chaired Atlantic Prov. Econ Council

Antoine Landry, CM. Caraquet, NB   Heritage & Community Development Activist

Edmond E. Landry, CM. Moncton, NB   Former businessman, and mayor

Eva Landry, CM, B.Ed.  St. Peter’s, NS   Educator; First woman Inspector of Schools in NS

Robert Landry, CM, B.Eng. Montreal, QC   Businessman (Oil Executive)

Michele Landsberg, OC, LL.D. Toronto, ON   G&M & Toronto Star Columnist; Edited Chatelaine

Elizabeth Lane, CM, BA, LL.D. Vancouver, BC   Research Chemist

Patrick Lane, OC. North Saanich, BC  Award-winning Canadian Poet

Patricia Lang, OC. Thunder Bay, ON Former president of Confederation College, Thunder Bay

Robert Lantos, CM. Toronto, ON Film producer

Laurier LaPierre, OC, Ph.D., LL.D. Ottawa, ON   former TV Journalist & Commentator (deceased)

Philip Lapp, OC, P.Eng, ScD, D.Sc, LL.D, D.Eng, FRSC. Thornhill, ON   Engineer

John Last, OC, MD, DPH, FRCPC. Ottawa, ON Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology, University of Ottawa

Gilles Lavigne, CM, Montreal, QC dentist researching pain & sleep disorders

Dennice Leahey, CM, BA. Pugwash, NS   Businesswoman; former Senior VP, RBC Financial Group

John Leberg, CM, Ph.D. St. Mary’s, ON   Musician; invented subtitles for Operas

Diana Fowler LeBlanc, CC. Shediac, NB   Spouse of the 25th Governor General of Canada

Raymond LeBlanc, CM, MD, FRCPC. Halifax, NS Ophthalmologist

Claude LeBouthillier, CM.  Caraquet, NB   Novelist, Columnist & Poet

Sylvia L’Ecuyer, OC. Delta, BC Musicologist, and broadcaster

Mary-Jo Leddy, CM, Ph.D., LL.D.  Toronto, ON   Founder of the Catholic New Times

Dennis Lee, OC, MA. Toronto, ON   Poet; Co-Founded House of Anansi Press

James Leech, CM, MBA, ICDD. Toronto, ON Innovator in pension management

Viola Léger, OC, ONB, MFA. Moncton, NB   Actress, and former senator

Martin J. Légère, OC. Caraquet, NB   Founder, Féd. des caisses populaires acadiennes

Kathleen LeGrow, CM. St. John’s, NF Community leader in education

David Leighton, OC, AOE, DBA, LL.D, FICD. London, ON   First Cdn President of Amer. Marketing Assn

Robert Lepage, CC, OQ. Québec, QC Actor, playwright, and director of film and stage

Marguerite Lescop, CM. Montréal, QC   Writer; Co-Founded Editions Lescop

Joseph Letendre, CM, MD. Amos, QC   Orthopaedic Surgeon

Rita Letendre, OC, O.Q. Toronto, ON  Pioneered abstract art in Québec

Douglas Letson, CM. Waterloo, ON Community Leader in Education and Health

Louise Lévesque, CM, CQ. Hudson, QC Major impact on nursing & the care of Alzheimer’s patients and their families

Jacques Lévesque, CM, CQ, Ph.D., m.s.r.c. St-Robert, QC   former Dean of Political Science, UQAM

Wendy Levinson, OC. Toronto, ON Physician, a leader in academic medicine

Kari Polanyi Levitt, CM, MA, LLD. Montréal, QC  Helped establish international development as a field of academic study

Stephen Lewis, CC. Toronto, ON   former Cdn. Ambassador to UN & its Special Adviser on Africa

Gérard Limoges, CM, FCA. Westmount, QC   Chartered Accountant

Roy Lindseth, CM, LL.D, FRSC. Calgary, AB   Geophysicist (Seismic Signal Processing)

Paul Andre Linteau, CM. Montreal, QC Historian

Leonard Lockhart, OC. Moncton, NB   Businessman; Chaired Greater Moncton Economic Comm’ty

Barbara Sherwood Lollar, CC, Ph.D., FRSC. Toronto, ON Geochemist, academic, known for pioneering water research

Diane Loomer, CM. Vancouver, BC   Founded & Directs Elektra Women’s & Choir Leoni Choirs (deceased)

Alexina Louie, OC, MA, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Classical Musician

Frederick Lowy, OC, MD, LL.D, FRCPC. Toronto, ON  Psychiatrist

Jeffrey Lozon, CM. Ottawa, ON  President & CEO Revera Living in Canada

Bernie Lucht, CM. Toronto, ON  Award-winning CBC Radio Producer, including Ideas

Ramona Lumpkin, CM, Ph.D. Halifax, NS President & Vice-Chancellor, Mount St. Vincent University

Harry Lumsden, CM. Aurora, ON   Biologist. An international authority on grouse & waterfowl

Janet Lunn, CM, O.Ont. Ottawa, ON   Writer; chaired Writers Union of Canada

Manoly Lupul, CM, Ph.D. Calgary, AB   Prof of Ukrainian Studies

Steve Lurie, CM, MSW. Toronto, ON Leading Advocate and Administrator in Mental Health Care

Norman Lush, CM, MD, FRCP. St. John’s, NL   Neurologist

Flora MacDonald, CC. Ottawa, ON   Former Minister of External Affairs (deceased)

George F. MacDonald, CM, Ph.D., LLD, FRSC. Cantley, QC Renowned Museologist and Anthropologist

H. Ian Macdonald, OC. Toronto, ON   Former President, York University

Neil MacDonald, CM, MD, FRCP(C). Port Hope, ON Physician, a leader in palliative care

Roderick Macdonald, OC. Westmount, QC Legal scholar, contributing to the advancement of law and policy

Thelma MacDonald, CM. Souris, PE   First Woman Mayor of Souris, PEI

Reford MacDougall, CM. Westmount, QC Strong supporter of youth at risk, raised millions for health, education & the arts

Joseph Macerollo, OC. Mississauga, ON Musician and educator of classical accordian

John Macfarlane, CM. Toronto, ON Leading magazine editor

Roy MacGregor, OC. Kanata, ON  Feature Writer

Joe MacInnis, CM, OOnt, MD, LLD, FRCP.  Toronto, ON Author, scientist-explorer, environmentalist

Julien MacKay, CM, LL.M.  Mascouche, QC   Lawyer

Ross MacKay, OC, Ph.D., D.Sc, FRSC. Vancouver, BC  Geographer (Arctic Permafrost)

R. Peter MacKinnon, OC, QC, LL.M, LL.D. Saskatoon, SK President Emeritus, University of Saskatchewan

Ronald MacLeod, OC. Surrey, BC   Leader in the Pacific fishing industry

Margaret MacMillan, CC, D.Phil, LL.D, FRSL.  Oxford, UK   Historian, Author

Michael MacMillan, CM. Toronto, ON CEO Blue Ant Media

Leo MacNeil, CM. Sydney, NS  Craftsman, and woodworker

Teresa MacNeil, CM, Ph.D., LL.D, St. Peter’s, NS   Former Chair, Dept Adult Educn, St. F. Xavier, Univ

Garfield Mahood, OC. Toronto, ON   Exec. Director,  Non-Smokers’ Rights Association

Antonine Maillet, CP, CC, OQ, ONB, DésL, LLD, msrc. Montréal, QC Internationally renowned Acadian writer

Leon Major, CM. Washington, DC   Opera Director

Aidan Maloney, CM, LL.D. St. John’s NL   Director, Canadian Saltfish Corp.; former Con.Gen of Japan to NL

Joseph Mancini, CM. Kitchener, ON Founded the Working Centre in Kitchener

Stephanie Mancini, CM. Kitchener, ON Founded the Working Centre in Kitchener

Patricia Mandy, CM. Dundas, ON Indigenous health care promoter

Robert H. Marchessault, OC, Ph.D., D.Sc, FRSC. Montréal, QC   Polymer Chemist

Richard Margolese, CM, MD, FRCSC. Montréal, QC   Oncologist; former Pres of Natn’l Cancer Inst.

Daphne Marlatt, CM. Vancouver, BC Poet & Writer

Michael Marrus, CM, Ph.D., MSL. FRSC, FRHistS   Toronto, ON   Historian

Barry Marsden, CM. West Vancouver, BC  President & CEO, ConAir

Lorna Marsden, CM. Toronto, ON Former Senator and former President, York University

William Marshall, CM. Toronto, ON Film producer, co-founder Toronto International Film Festival (deceased)

Patricia Martens, CM. Kleefeld, MB  Research on population and health

Carol Martin, CM. Thomasburg, ON  Writer, former publisher, founding member of the Assoc. of Canadian Publishers

Michael Massie, CM. Kippens, NL Silversmith, and sculptor

David Matas, OC. Winnipeg, MB Human Rights Lawyer

Gabor Mate, CM. Vancouver, BC Physician

John Matheson, OC, CD, QC, MA, LL.M, LL.D. Kingston, ON   former Judge & Pearson’s Parl. Secretary

Ermanno Mauro, OC. Mississauga, ON Opera Singer

Arthur May, OC, Ph.D., D.Sc, LL.D. St. John’s, NL   President & Vice-Chancellor, Memorial University.

Elizabeth May, OC, LL.B. Ottawa, ON   Leader of Green Party of Canada; was Exec. Dir., Sierra Club

Carolyn McAskie, OC. Wakefield, QC Former senior executive at CIDA and UN (peacekeeping & humanitarian affairs)

John McAvity, CM. Ottawa, ON Executive Director, Canadian Museums Association

Gordon McBean, CM, Ph.D., FRSC. London ON   Climate & Disasters Scientist

Marnie McBean, OC, MSM. Toronto, ON  Three-time Olympic rowing champion

James McCambly, CM. Ottawa, ON   Founding President, Canadian Federation of Labour

Craig McClure, OC. Toronto, ON International leader in HIV/AIDS

Howard McCurdy, CM, O.Ont. Windsor, ON  Scientist and co-founder of the National Black Coalition of Canada

Leslie McDonald, CM.  North Vancouver, BC  Established Triathlon as an Olympic Sport

Lynn McDonald, CM. Guelph, ON Former MP, Professor Emerita, Sociology, University of Guelph

Alexa McDonough, OC. Halifax, NS  Was  Pres., Mt St. Vincent University & Federal Leader, NDP

Barbara McDougall, PC, OC, LLD, CFA. Toronto, ON Former politician and cabinet minister

Murray D. McEwen, CM, DSc. Acton, ON Trailblazer in the sweetener industry

John McGarry, OC, Ph.D., FRSC. Kingston, ON Professor, Expert and Advisor on Power Sharing and Governance

Pearl McGonigal, CM, OM, LL.D. Winnipeg, MB   Former Lieut. Governor of Manitoba

Maurice McGregor, OC, CQ, MD, FRCPC. Montreal, QC   Professor Emeritus of Medicine, McGill University

Don McKay, OC. St. John’s, NL   Nature Poet

John McKellar, CM, QC, LL.B. Toronto, ON   Lawyer & co-founder of Theatres (Crest, Tarragon, Augusta)

Murray McLauchlan, CM, Toronto, ON   Singer and Songwriter

Audrey McLaughlin, PC, OC, MSW, LL.D. Whitehorse, YT  Social Worker &  former Federal Leader, NDP

Stuart McLean, OC, Ph.D. Toronto, ON Journalist & Host of CBC’s Vinyl Café (deceased)

Gerald McMaster, OC, Ph.D., Toronto, ON   Artist & Curator, Art Gallery of Ontario

Robert McMurtry, CM, MD, FRCSC, FACS. Picton, ON  Orthopedic Surgeon

Roy McMurtry, OC, O.Ont.  Toronto, ON   former Chief Justice of Ontario

Marilou McPhedran, CM, LLD, LLB. Winnipeg, MB Lawyer, Co-founder of LEAF (Women’s Legal Education & Action Fund)

Ian McWhinney, OC, MD, FCFP. London, ON  Physician; known as the Father of Family Medicine (deceased)

Jonathan Meakins, OC, MA, MD, DSc, FRCS, FRCSC. Montréal, QC  Was Head, Surgical Services, McGill U.

Howie Meeker, CM. Parksville, BC   Hockey player, coach, and broadcaster

John Meisel, CC, Ph.D., LL.D. Kingston, ON   Political Scientist, Queen’s University; was Chair, CRTC

Alexander Meisels, CM, M.D. LL.D. Québec, QC   Cytopathologist

Pierre Meloche. OC. Val-Morin, QC   Businessman (Group Insurance)

Heather Menzies, CM, Ph.D. Ottawa, ON  Writer and speaker on Canadian social trends

Roy Miki, CM. Vancouver, BC  Distinguished poet, and professor of English

John Mighton, OC. Toronto, ON Playwright & Mathematician

Mitch Miller, CM. Calgary, AB   Businessman & Firefighter (Kuwait oil fires)

Peter Milliken, PC, OC. Elginburg, ON Canada’s longest-serving speaker of the House of Commons

Paul Mills, CM. London, ON Musician and producer

Brenda Milner, CC, Sc.D,  O.Q. FRS, FRSC. Montréal, QC   Neuropsychologist

David Mirvish, CM, OOnt. Toronto, ON Canadian theatre producer, art collector & dealer, and real estate developer

Emily Molnar, CM. Vancouver, BC Dancer and artistic director of Ballet BC

Robert Moody, OC, FRSC., Ph.D.  Victoria, BC   Mathematician

Alvaro Morales, CM, MC, FRCSC, FACS. Kingston, ON  Surgeon and Urologist

Raymond Moriyama, CC, O.Ont, M.Arch, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Architect

David Morley, CM, Toronto, ON for international development leadership around the world

Lawrence Morley, OC, Ph.D., D.Sc, FRSC, P.Eng. Owen Sound, ON   Geophysicist

Diane Morrison, CM, MPA. Ottawa, ON  Former Executive Director of the Ottawa Mission, advocate for the disadvantaged

Avrum Morrow, CM. Montréal, QC   Businessman & Philanthropist                                                                                 

Ann Mortifee, CM. Manson’s Landing, BC Singer-songwriter

Ann Mortimer, CM. Newmarket, ON   Ceramist; Past President of Canadian Guild of Potters

Balfour Mount, OC, OQ, MD, LL.D, FRCS. Montréal, QC “Father of Palliative Care in N.A..”

Heather Munroe-Blum, OC, OQ, Ph.D., FRSC.  Montréal, QC   Principal, McGill University

Robert G. Gray Murray, OC, MA, MDCM, DSc, FRSC. London, ON   Microbiologist

Robert George Murray, CM. West Borough, Pa. USA   Sculptor

T. Jock Murray, OC, ONS, MD, FRCPC, FAAN, MACP, FCA, LL.D, D.SC, D.Litt. Halifax, NS Physician (MS)

Helen Mussallem, CC, Ed.D., D.Sc, FRCN, RN. Ottawa, ON   former Exec. Dir., Canadian Nurses Assoc. (deceased)

Fraser Mustard, CC, O.Ont, MD, LL.D, FRSC. Toronto, ON   Cardio-vascular Disease Specialist (deceased)

George Myhal, CM. Toronto, ON  Investment and financial leader

Marie-José Nadeau, CM, LLM. Montréal, QC Chair of the World Energy Council

Hiroshi Nakamura, CM. Lasalle, QC Coach of Canada’s National Judo Team

Roald Nasgaard, OC. Toronto, ON  Chief Curator, Art Gallery of Ontario; author, Abstract Painting in Canada

C. David Naylor, OC, MD, FRCPC, FRSC. Toronto, ON Former Univ. of Toronto President, leading medical researcher

Lisa F. Nazar, OC. Waterloo, ON Chemist, developed clean energy storage in advanced battery systems

Pierre Nepveu, CM, Ph.D. Verdun, QC  Poet, Novelist and Essayist

Alex Neve, OC. Ottawa, ON   Lawyer & Executive Director of Amnesty International Canada

Andrina Newbery, CM, BA. Simcoe, ON   Community Service incl. Native Studies & Burwash Projects (deceased)

Peter Newbery, CM, OBC, MD. New Hazelton, BC   Physician; UCC Minister; Dir, UBC D. of Family Practice

Hanna Newcombe, CM, Ph.D. Hamilton, ON   Chemist & Peace Researcher (deceased)

Peter Newman, CC, CD, M.Comm, LL.D. Richmond Hill, ON   Biographer; Was Editor of Maclean’s

Christopher Newton, CM, MA, LL.D, FRCM. Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  Former Artistic Director, Shaw Festival

John Nichol, CC, B.Comm, LL.D,  Vancouver, BC   Founding Chair, Pearson College, Victoria, BC

Phil Nimmons, OC, O.Ont, BA, Thornhill, ON   Jazz Clarinetist, Band leader (Nimmons ‘N Nine)

Samantha Nutt, OC, MD. Toronto, ON  Founder and Executive Director, Warchild Canada

Alanis Obomsawin, OC. Montréal, QC   Filmmaker; Board Member, Aboriginal People’s TV Network

Daphne Odjig, OC. Kelowna, BC Artist

John O’Donnell, CM, M.Mus, D.Litt. Antigonish, NS   Musician & Director, “Men of the Deeps”

Timothy Oke, OC, Ph.D., D (h.c.)., FRSC. Vancouver, BC   Geographer (Urban Climate)

Bruce Oland, CM, D.Comm. Halifax, NS   Veteran & Businessman (deceased)

Jacqueline Oland, CM. New River Beach, NB  Philanthropist (Arts & Culture)

Huguette Oligny, CC. Montréal, QC   Actress “A grande dame of Canadian Theatre” (deceased)

Michael Ondaatje, OC, M.A.  Toronto, ON   Novelist and Poet

Maureen O’Neil, OC, BA, LLD. Ottawa, ON  President, Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement

John O’Neill, CM, M.Sc.Ed. St. Albert, AB   former Provincial Commissioner on Human Rights

James Orbinski, OC, O.Ont, MSC, MD, LL.D Toronto, ON Physician; Headed Doctors Without Borders

Walter Ostrom, CM, MFA. Lunenburg, NS   Ceramic Artist

Sylvia Ostry, CC, Ph.D., LL.D. Toronto, ON   Head, OECD Dept Economics & Statistics

Bridglal Pachai, CM, Ph.D., DCL. Halifax, NS   Historian; former Exec. Dir., NS Human Rights Commn.

Charles Pachter, OC, MFA, LLD. Toronto, ON   Visual Artist

P.K. Page, CC, OBC, D.Litt., FRSC. Victoria, BC   Poet, and Artist (deceased)

Sandra Paikowsky, CM. Montréal, QC Curator, Art Historian

Jocelyn Palm, CM, BSc. Toronto, ON  Youth development, water safety, women’s health

John Panabaker, CM, MA, LL.D. Waterloo, ON   Businessman & Chancellor, McMaster U.

Erna Paris, CM. Toronto, ON  Author, Historian, Journalist

Timothy Parsons, OC, Ph.D., D.Sc., FRSC. Brentwood Bay, BC   Oceanographer

Alex Paterson, OC, OQ, QC, BCL, DCL. Montréal, QC   Prof. of Medical Jurisprudence, McGill U.

Monica Patten, CM. Ottawa, ON  President & CEO, Community Foundations of Canada

Bonnie M. Patterson, CM, OOnt, MLS. Toronto, ON Leader in post-secondary education in Canada

Alex Pauk, CM, BMus. Toronto, ON Composer, conductor, and teacher

Daniel Paul, CM, ONS, D.Litt. Halifax, NS   Human Rights activist; Elder of Mi’kmaq Nation

Howard Pawley, OC, PC, OM, QC, LL.B, LL.D. Windsor, ON   Former Premier of Manitoba

Thomas Peacocke, CM, MFA. Edmonton, AB   Theatre Director, and Actor

Hilary Pearson, CM, Montreal, QC President, Philanthropic Foundation of Canada

Landon Pearson, OC. Ottawa, ON   Author on Children’s Rights; Former Senator

Benoît Pelletier, CM OQ. Gatineau, QC Lawyer, academic and politician

Jane Pepino, CM, QC, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Lawyer

Gordon Perkin, OC, MD. Minden, ON   Physician; former Dir. Global Health Program, Gates Foundation

Jean Perrault, CM, CQ. Sherbrooke, QC Former mayor, former President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

André Perry, CM. St-Sauveur, QC Musician, producer, and recording engineer

Donat Pharand, OC, SJD, m.s.r.c  Ottawa, ON   Prof of Law Emeritus (Law of the Sea)

David Phillips, CM. Aurora, ON   Climatologist & Meteorologist

Robin Phillips, OC, LLD. Lakeside, ON Former Artistic Director, Stratford Festival (deceased)

Eliot Phillipson, OC, MD, DSc, FCAHS, FRCPC. Toronto, ON  Visionary Leader of Health & Science Institutions

Sophie May Pierre, OC. Cranbrook, BC Indigenous leader

Suzanne Pinel, CM, B.Sc.N. Gloucester, ON   Teacher and TV Host

Gordon Pinsent, CC. Toronto, ON Stage and film actor

Walter Pitman, OC. Toronto, ON   Adult Educator; former Director of OISE, University of Toronto

Christopher Plummer, CC.  Weston, CN   Actor

André Poilièvre, CM, B.Th. Saskatoon, SK   Youth Worker (Correctional Centre)

Charles-Albert Poissant, CM, FCA. Montréal, QC   Businessman – Tax Legislation (deceased)

Jane Ash Poitras, CM. Edmonton, AB First Nations visual artist

John Polanyi, PC, CC, Ph.D., D.Sc, FRSC. Toronto, ON   Nobel laureate (Chemistry)

Sharon Pollock, OC. Calgary, AB  Playwright, and Actress

Alfred Popp, CM. Ottawa, ON Lawyer, a leader in maritime law and policy

Anna Porter, OC, MA. Toronto, ON Canadian publisher and author

Helen Fogwill Porter, CM. Paradise, NF Canadian Author, and Social Activist

Ross Porter, CM. Toronto, ON Award-winning radio & TV broadcaster, voice of jazz music in Canada

Shirley Post, CM.  Peterborough, ON Former Director of Nursing, Children’s Hospital of E. Ontario

Neville Poy, OC, MDCM, FRCSC. Scarborough, ON   Plastic Surgeon

Eva Prager, OC. Montréal, QC   Founder of Children for Peace (deceased)

Christopher Pratt, CC. Mount Carmel, NL   Painter; designed Newfoundland & Labrador flag

Cranford Pratt, OC. Toronto, ON   former Dir., U. of Toronto International Studies & first Pres. U of Tanzania

Mary Pratt, CC, DFA, LL.D. St. John’s, NL   Visual Artist

Alison Prentice, CM. Victoria, BC  Pioneer in advancing women’s history and the history of education

Raymond Price, OC, Ph.D., D.Sc, FRSC, P.Eng. Kingston, ON   Geologist (Evoln of Rockies)

J. Robert S. Prichard, OC, O.Ont, LL.M, Toronto, ON Pres & CEO, Metrolinx. Was Pres., U. of Toronto

Dorothy Pringle, OC, Ph.D., D.Sc, FCAHS. Toronto, ON   Dean Emeritus, Faculty of Nursing, U. of Toronto

Valerie Pringle, CM, BA  Toronto, ON   Journalist and TV host

Richard Puddephatt, OC, Ph.D., FRSC, FCIC. London, ON   Professor of Chemistry, U. of Western Ontario

Terrence Punch, CM, DLitt, FRSAI. Halifax, NS   Genealogist, and historian

Henry Purdy, CM, RCA. Charlottetown, PE Artist

Jack Rabinovitch, OC, O.Ont, BA. Toronto, ON   Businessman & Philanthropist

Royden Rabinowitch, OC. Waterloo, ON  Sculptor, with works in more than 50 museums worldwide

Robert Rae, PC, OC, O.Ont, QC, LL.B, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic

Nina Raginsky, OC, RCA, BA. Saltspring Island, BC   Photographer, Sculptor and Painter

Vivian Rakoff, CM, MD. Toronto, ON Professor Emeritus, UofT, Retired psychiatrist-in-chief, Clarke Institute of Psychiatry

Stephen Ralls, CM. Toronto, ON  Classical musician; Co-founder of the Aldeburgh Connection

Lola Rasminsky, CM, MA. Toronto, ON   Arts Education for Children

Leonard Ratzlaff, CM, AOE, Ph.D. Edmonton, AB Professor of Music, Choral conductor

Veena Rawat, OC, Ph.D. Ottawa, ON  Electrical engineer – telecommunications

Naz Rayani, CM, PhC.  Victoria, BC   Pharmacist

Angela Rebeiro, CM. Toronto, ON Publisher of Playwrights Canada Press

Ernie Regehr, OC, LL.D. Waterloo, ON   Co-founded Project Ploughshares; Senior Fellow, The Simons Foundation

Dennis Reid, CM. Toronto, ON   Research Curator, Art Gallery of Ontario

Fiona Reid, CM.  Toronto, ON   Actress

Ian Reid, CM, MD, FRCS. Selkirk, MB   Physician & Community Health Programs

Grant Reuber, OC, Ph.D., LLD, FRSC. Canadian economist, academic, civil servant & businessman

Keren Rice, OC, Ph.D., FRSC. Toronto, ON Linguist & Scholar, Athapaskan languages in Canada’s North

Boyce Richardson, CM. Ottawa, ON   Journalist, Writer, NFB Narrator

Kathleen Richardson, CC.  Winnipeg, MB   Philanthropist

Louise Richer, CM. Montréal, QC Actress, Comedian, Founder & Director of Ecole Nationale De L’Humour

Diane Richler, CM, BA. Toronto, ON Advocate for people with intellectual disabilities

Donald Rickerd, CM, QC, MA, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Lawyer; former President, Donner Canadian Foundation

Wayne Riddell, CM, B.Mus, FRCCO. Lachute, QC   Musician; Choral Master, Montréal Symphony Orch.

J. Derek Riley, CM. Winnipeg, MB Business, athletics, and philanthropy

Michel Ringuet, CM, CQ. Rimouski, QC Leader in developing Université du Québec à Rimouski

Bernard Riordon, OC, B.A Fredericton, NB   Director, Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Margaret Ritchie, CM, QC, LL.M., LL.D. Ottawa, ON   President of Human Rights Institute of Canada

Sister Angèle Rizzardo, CM. Montréal, QC  Nutritionist, TV Host

Kent Roach, CM. Toronto, ON Law Professor, Univ. of Toronto

Roderick Robbie, OC, LL.D, FRAIC. Toronto, ON   Architect; designed SkyDome, ExpoBldgs (deceased)

Catherine Robbin, OC.  Tottenham, ON Internationally acclaimed mezzo-soprano & prof of music

Edward Roberts, CM, ONL.  St. John’s, NL   former Lieut. Governor of Newfoundland & Labrador

John Peter Roberts, OC, MA, DFA.  Calgary, AB   Founder & President, Glenn Gould Foundation

Douglas Roche, OC. Edmonton, AB   Author; former Senator & Canadian Disarmament Ambassador

Fred Roots, OC, Ph.D. Sooke, BC  Geologist & ecologist; Scientific Advisor Emeritus to Environment Canada

Harry Rosen, CM. Toronto, ON  Haberdasher Extraordinaire

Ronald Rosenes, CM, MA, LLD. Toronto, ON Leader in improving access to health care for people living with HIV/AIDS

Robert Ross, CM, MD, FRCP, D.Sc.  Winnipeg, MB   Emeritus Prof of Medicine (Neurology)

Janet Rossant, CC. Toronto, ON Leader in health sciences & understanding of stem cell biology

Joseph Rouleau, OC, GOQ, d.h.c. Montreal, QC   Opera Bass & Pres. Les Jeunnesses Musicales du Canada

Byron Rourke, CM. Windsor, ON   Learning Disabilities Psychologist (deceased)

Claude Roussel, CM, ONB.  Cap-Pelé, NB Sculptor & Painter

Jean-Louis Roux, CC, CQ, m.s.r.c, Montréal, QC, Co-Founded National Theatre School (deceased)

Mark Rowswell, CM. Toronto/Beijing, ON Comedian, freelance performer as Dashan in China

Louis-Joseph Roy, CM, MD.  Sept-Iles, QC   Surgeon; & Past  President, Québec Medical Assn.

Muriel Rent Roy, CM, DEA, D h.c. Moncton, NB   Historian of Acadian Heritage

Susan Rubes, CM. Collingwood, ON.  Founder & Producer, Young People’s Theatre

Clayton Ruby, CM. Toronto, ON Lawyer specializing in human rights

Michael Rudnicki, OC, Ph.D., FRSC. Ottawa, ON Senior Scientist on Stem Cell Research

Peter Russell, OC, MA. Toronto, ON   Political Scientist (Admin. of Justice)

Nancy Ruth, CM, MA, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Senator and Philanthropist

Nathaniel W. Rutter, OC, Ph.D., DSc, FRSC. Edmonton, AB Leading authority in Quaternary research

M. A. Pauline Sabourin, CM. Ottawa, ON Former secretary to numerous Under Secretaries of State, External Affairs

Ann Saddlemyer, OC, Ph.D., LL.D, FRSC. Sidney, BC   Historian

Edward Safarian, CM, Ph.D., FRSC. Toronto, ON   Economist (deceased)

Annette Saint-Pierre, CM, Ph.D. Winnipeg, MB   Promoter of Francophonie in Western Canada

Genevieve Salbaing, CM, B.Phil. Montréal, QC   Choreographer & Artistic Dir., Ballets Jazz de Mont’l

Fiona Sampson, CM, MA, LLB, Ph.D. Toronto, ON Lawyer, human rights scholar

James Sanders, CM, BA. Toronto, ON   President, Can. National Institute for the Blind

Peter Savaryn, CM, QC, LL.B, LL.D. Edmonton, AB   Lawyer; Former Chancellor, U. of Alberta

Henry Saxe, OC. Tamworth, ON Sculptor

Ezra Schabas, C.M., O.Ont., MA. Toronto, ON   former Principal, Royal Conservatory of Music

William Schabas, OC, LL.D.  Galway, Ireland   Lawyer; Helped create International Criminal Court

R. Murray Schafer, CC, LLD. Indian River, ON Internationally renowned Canadian composer, writer & environmentalist

David Scheifele, OC. Surrey, BC  Child health care through the prevention of infectious disease

David Schindler, OC, AOE, DPhil, DSc, FRSC. Edmonton, AB Environmentalist, Professor of Ecology, U of Alberta

Elexis Schloss, CM. Edmonton, AB  Volunteer in health care & education

Aurel Schofield, CM, MD, FCMF. Dieppe, NB Fostered health care delivery for francophones in New Brunswick

Paul Schurman, CM, O.PEI, LL.D. Summerside, PE   Former Broadcaster

Irving Schwartz, OC. Sydney, NS   Entrepreneur; Co-founded Canadian International De-mining Centre (deceased)

David Scott, OC, LL.B, LL.D, FACTL, QC. Ottawa, ON  Lawyer and co-founder of Pro Bono Law Ontario

Alfred Scow, CM, OBC, LL.B, LL.D. Vancouver, BC   Founded Canadian Indian Lawyers Assn.

Charles Scriver, CC, MDCM, D.Sc., FRSC. Montréal, QC   President of American Pediatric Society

Ed Sebestyen, CM. Saskatoon, SK   Community Service (deceased)
Hugh Segal, OC, BA.  Kingston, ON   Former Senator, Master of Massey College

Raymond Setlakwe, CM. Thetford Mines, QC   Lawyer, and Businessman

John Sewell, OC. Toronto, ON   Lawyer; former Mayor of Toronto, writer, urban affairs expert

T. K. Sham, OC. London, ON World-class materials chemist

Jack Shapiro, CM, MA. Toronto, ON   Businessman & former Chair, Canadian Cancer Action Network

Richard Sharpe, CM, B.A. Mississauga, ON   Businessman.

Shirley Sharzer, CM, BA. Ottawa, ON   Journalist; former Deputy Man. Editor, Toronto G&M

Dorothy Shaw, OC, MD. Vancouver, BC Physician, a leader in the advancement of maternal & newborn healthcare

Donald Shaver, OC, D.Sc. Cambridge, ON   Agriculturalist; former CEO, Shaver Poultry Breeding Farms

Michael Shenstone, CM. Ottawa, ON   former Ambassador & Director-General Africa & Mid Eastern Affairs

Roy Shephard, CM. Brackendale, BC. Pioneer in exercise science, promoter of physical activity

Susan Sherwin, CM, Ph.D. Halifax, NS Leader in the field of feminist theory and health ethics

George Shields, CM. Toronto, ON   Specialist on the Speech Disabled

Brigitte Shim, CM, BES, BArch. Toronto, ON  Architect

Mamdouh Shoukri, CM, OQ. Toronto, ON President of York University

Jacqueline Shumiatcher, CM, SOM, LLD. Regina, SK Philanthropist

Gilbert Sicotte, CM. Outremont, QC  Actor & Trainer in Performing Arts

William Siebens, OC. Calgary, AB Canadian petroleum industry entrepreneur, and philanthropist

Karl Siegler, CM, MA. Powell River, BC Publisher

David P. Silcox, CM, MA, LL.D, FRSA.Toronto, ON   Biographer; President of Sotheby’s Canada

Louis Siminovitch, CC, Ph.D., D.Sc, FRSC. Toronto, ON   Research Director, Mount Sinai Hospital

Robert Silverman, CM. Vancouver, BC  Educator & Classical Pianist

Jennifer Simons, CM. Vancouver, BC   Founder & President, The Simons Foundation

Jeffrey Skoll, OC. Palo Alto, California Philanthropist  & Entrepreneur

Robert W. Slater, CM. Ottawa, ON  Environmentalist (1981 Acid Rain Treaty with the US)

Gordon Slemon, OC, D.Sc, FCAE, P.Eng. Toronto, ON   Electrical Engineer

Ian Smillie, CM, BA. Ottawa, ON   former E/D of CUSO; Co-founded Inter Pares

Eldon Smith, OC, MD, FRCPC. Calgary, AB   Cardiologist

Gordon Smith, CM, OBC, LL.D. West Vancouver, BC   Visual Artist

Stuart Allen Smith, CM. Ottawa, ON Former Director, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, New Brunswick

Tricia Smith, CM, OBC, BA, LLB, LLD. Vancouver, BC Olympic rower, lawyer and businesswoman

John P. Smol, OC. Kingston, ON  Canadian ecologist, limnologist, and paleolimnologist

Claude Snow, CM, ONB, MSW. Caraquet, NB Social justice activist

Gérard Snow, CM, L.Ph., LL.B; trad.a. Moncton, NB   Lawyer & Jurilinguist

Michael Snow, CC, LL.D, FRSC. Toronto, ON   Painter, Sculptor, Musician

Stan Somerville, CM. Kelowna, BC Artist

Brijendra Sood, CM, MD, FRCS. Calgary, AB   Physician

Theodore Sourkes, OC, Ph.D., FRSC. Montréal, QC   Scientist (Parkinson’s and Hypertension) (deceased)

Jeffrey Spalding, CM, MFA, RCA.  Vancouver, BC Artist, curator, author and educator

John Speakman, CM, MD, FRCSC. Toronto, ON   Ophthalmologist-in-Chief, Sunnybrook Hospital

Erik Spicer, CM, CD. Ottawa, ON   Parliamentary Librarian Emeritus

Richard Splane, OC, Ph.D., LL.D. Vancouver, BC   Professor Emeritus, Social Policy, UBC

Verna Splane, OC, MPH, LL.D, FAPHA, RN. Vancouver, BC   former Principal Nursing Officer, Health & Wel. (deceased)

Arnold Spohr, CC. Winnipeg, MB   Founder of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet (deceased)

Boris Spremo, CM, MPA. Toronto, ON   Photojournalist; Fellow, Royal Society of Canada

Eric Sprott, CM. Toronto, ON Philanthropist in Health Care, Education and International Development

Brian Sproule, CM, MD, FRCP. Edmonton, AB   Pulmonary Medicine Specialist

Mavis Staines, CM. Toronto, ON Artistic Director, National Ballet School of Canada

Joseph Stangl, CM.  Winnipeg, MB   Businessman; former President, Canadian School Trustees Assn.

Mark Starowicz, OC, BA, LL.D. Toronto, ON   CBC Producer (As It Happens, Sunday Morning)

Robert Stephens, CM, MD. Warkworth, ON   Physician; established hospital centres in Africa

Stratton Stevens, CM.  Montréal, QC   Businessman (Real Estate)

Alec Stewart, OC, Ph.D., LL.D, FRSC. Kingston, ON   Prof Emeritus in Physics, Queen’s University

Anita Stewart, CM. Elora, ON Canadian Culinary Author and Food Activist, Founder of Food Day Canada

Ronald Stewart, OC, ONS, MD, FRCPC, ECNS, BA, BSc, LL.D. Halifax, NS Pioneer in Emergency Medicine

Boris Stoicheff, OC, Ph.D., D.Sc, FRSC. Toronto, ON   Physicist ( Spectroscopy, Optics)  (deceased)

Grant Strate, CM, LL.D. Vancouver, BC   Founded Dance Dept., York University

Donald Stuss, OC, OOnt, Ph.D., FRSC. Toronto, ON Internationally respected neuropsychologist

Rosemary Sullivan, OC. Toronto, ON  Biographer, poet, and author

Howard Sutcliffe, CM, BES, BArch. Toronto, ON  Architect

David Suzuki, CC, OBC, Ph.D. Vancouver, BC   Environmentalist; Science Broadcaster

Jean Swanson, CM. Vancouver, BC Social worker, Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

Constance Swinton, CM, MPH, RN. Peterborough, ON   Public Health Nurse (longtime in SE Asia)

Beth Symes, CM. Toronto, ON Civil rights lawyer

Takao Tanabe, CM, OBC, DFA. Parkside, BC   Landscape Artist

Ian Tannock, CM. Toronto, ON Medical Research on Tumors & Cancer Cells

Ronald Tasker, OC, MD, FRCSC. Toronto, ON   Neurosurgeon

Noreen Taylor, CM. Toronto, ON Founder of the RBC Taylor Prize, chair of the Charles Taylor Foundation

James Temerty, CM. Toronto, ON Innovative business leader, made significant contributions to Canadian cultural life

Veronica Tennant, CC, D.Litt. Toronto, ON   former National Ballet of Canada prima ballerina

David Thauberger, CM, RCA. Regina, SK   Painter, and Teacher

Pierre Théberge, OC, CQ. Montreal, QC Teacher, author & museum administrator (National Gallery of Canada)

Lionel Théoret, CM. Laval, QC   Founder of Centre Epic for preventing heart disease

Rachel Thibeault, OC. Ottawa, ON  Occupational therapy & conflict resolution

Serge Patrice Thibodeau, CM. Moncton, NB Poet, essayist, publisher, and human rights activist

Ian Thom, CM.  Vancouver, BC   Art Curator

Linda Thom, CM. Ottawa, ON Olympic gold medal-winning shooter

Paul Thompson, OC, MA. Toronto, ON   Theatrical Producer; founded Theatre Passe Muraille

Murray Thomson, OC, MA. Ottawa, ON   former E/D of CUSOCo-Founded Project Ploughshares

R. H. Thomson, CM. Toronto, ON Actor

Shirley Thomson, CC, Ph.D.,  LL.D. Ottawa, ON former Director, National Gallery of Canada (deceased)

Kenneth Thorlakson, CM,  MD, FRCSC. Winnipeg, MB   Surgeon

Setsuko Thurlow, CM, MSW. Toronto, ON   Founder, Japanese Family Services

Bryan Tisdall, CM. Richmond, BC Science educator

Hon. Brian Tobin, PC, OC. Ottawa, ON  Former Premier of Newfoundland & Labrador

Roger Tomlinson, OC, Ph.D., FRGS. Ottawa, ON Father of the International Geographic Information System

Stephen Toope, OC. Toronto, ON International law scholar and university leader

Vincent Tovell, OC, MA. Toronto, ON   Radio & TV Producer (deceased)

William Toye, CM, BA, DSL. Toronto, ON   Editor & Publisher

David Toycen, CM. Mississauga, ON as President and Chief Executive Officer of World Vision Canada

Tom Traves, CM, Ph.D., DCL. Halifax, NS  Former President, Dalhousie University

Peter Trueman, OC. Stella, ON   Journalist; anchored Global TV News

Peter Tugwell, OC, MD, FRCP. Ottawa, ON Epidemiologist

Edward Turner, CM, SOM, LL.D Regina, SK   former Pres, Sask Wheat Pool & Chancellor, U of  S

John Turner, PC, CC, QC, MA, LL.D. Toronto, ON   Lawyer; former Prime Minister of Canada

Michael Tymianski, CM, MD, Ph.D., FRCSC. Toronto, ON Neurosurgeon, University of Toronto

Bruce Ubukata, CM. Toronto, ON  Instrumentalist, co-founder of the Aldeburgh Connection

Jane Urquhart, OC. Colborne, ON   Novelist; Won Trillium Prize, GG’s Award for Fiction

Tony Urquhart, OC. Colborne, ON   Artist; Founded Canadian Artists Representation

Jean-Marc Vallée, OC. Montreal, QC Internationally renowned filmmaker

André Vanasse, CM. Outremont, QC Editor, and novelist

Guy VanderHaeghe, OC. Saskatoon, SK Novelist

Gerald VandeZande, CM. Toronto, ON   Co-Founded & was E/S, Citizens for Public Justice (deceased)

Blanche Van Ginkel, CM, FRAIC. Toronto, ON   Architect & Urban Planner

Jean Vanier, CC, BOC, D.Ph. Paris, France   Theologian; founder of L’Arche

Manon Vennat, CM, LL.B, Ph.D. Montréal, QC  Businesswoman & Governor, Montréal Exchange

Michel Vennat, OC, QC, MA. LL.L. Montréal, QC   Lawyer

Sara Vered, CM. Ottawa, ON Leader in Ottawa’s Voluntary Sector in Education, Health Care, Arts and Culture

Mair Verthuy, CM. Montréal, QC Co-founder of De Beauvoir Institute, first College for Women’s Studies

Pierre Viens, OC, MD. Neuville, QC   Infectious, parasitic diseases specialist

Bernard Voyer, OC. Montréal, QC. Explorer, mountaineer

Eleanor Wachtel, OC. Toronto, ON CBC Broadcaster

John Wada, OC, MD, FAAN, DSc, FRCPC. Vancouver, BC   Neuroscientist (treatment of Epilepsy)

Frederick Wah, OC. Vancouver & Nelson, BC Canadian poet, novelist, and scholar

George F. Walker, CM. Toronto, ON Playwright

James Walker, CM, Ph.D., FRSC. Waterloo, ON  Historian

William Wall, CM, MD, FRCSC. London, ON   Prof. of Surgery, Univ. of Western Ontario

Ian Hugh Wallace, OC. Vancouver, BC  Art photographer

Norma Walmsley, OC, MA, LL.D. Wakefield, QC   Founder of MATCH International (deceased)

Meeka Walsh, CM. Winnipeg, MB Writer, art critic, and curator

Jagannath Wani, CM. Calgary, AB  Mathematician

Douglas Ward, CM. Ottawa, ON Promotes radio broadcasting in developing countries

Laure Waridel, CM, MA, Dr.h.c. Frelighsburg, QC Writer on Environmental Issues – Co-founder of Équiterre

John Warkentin, OC. Toronto, ON   Historical Geographer

Gary Warner, CM. Hamilton, ON   Dept French & Peace Studies Centre, McMaster University

Mamoru Watanabe, OC, MD, CM, D.Sc., FRCP. Calgary, AB   Pioneered Telemedicine

Patrick Watson, CC, MA, D.Litt. Toronto, ON   former TV Producer & Chair, CBC

Phyllis Webb, OC, BA. Saltspring Island, BC   Poet & Prof of Creative Writing

Gloria Webster, OC. Alert Bay, BC Promoter and preserver of indigenous arts and culture

Norman Webster, CM, MA, DCL. Montréal, QC   former Editor-in-Chief, G&M & Montréal Gazette

William Weintraub, OC, BA. Montréal, QC   Journalist, Filmmaker (150 NFB Films)

James Weisgerber, OC, SOM, PhL, LLD. Winnipeg, MB Archbishop Emeritus of Winnipeg, Champion of Social Justice

Barry Wellar, CM Ottawa ON for advancing geographic information in Canada

Boyd Wettlaufer, CM, BA. Victoria, BC   Archeologist Focused on Plains First Nations (deceased)

Ellen White, CM, OBC. Nanaimo, BC Elder, and community leader

Marjorie White, CM, OBC New Westminster, BC for improving the lives of Indigenous people in  Canada

Rudy Wiebe, OC, MA, LLD. Edmonton, AB Novelist, and professor

Frederick Wiegand, CM, MD, FRCSC   Westmount, QC   Surgeon; Médecins Sans Frontières

Frederic Wien, CM. Halifax, NS Professor Emeritus, Dalhousie, Social Services

Anne Wieler, CM, MPH, BN. Ottawa, ON  Public Health

Blossom Wigdor, CM, Ph.D. Toronto, ON   Gerontologist; Founded Centre for Studies in Aging

Ronald Franklin Williams, CM  Pointe-Claire, QC for contributing to landscape architecture

Norman Willis, CM, Ph.D., DVM. Ottawa, ON  Veterinarian

Ian E. Wilson, CM, MA, D.Litt. Stratford, ON  former National Archivist of Canada

Lois Wilson, CC, O.Ont, M.Div, LLD. Toronto, ON   President, Cdn. & World Councils of Churches

Ruth Wilson, CM. Kingston, ON Leader in family medicine

Hugh Winsor, CM, BA. Ottawa, ON   Journalist and Founding Director, North-South Institute

William J. Withrow, CM. North York, ON  Director, Art Gallery of Ontario

Harold Wyatt, CM, AOE. Calgary, AB   Banker

Beverley Wybrow, CM. Toronto, ON  President of the Canadian Women’s Foundation

Betty Jean Wylie, CM. Toronto, ON   Writer

Maxwell Yalden, CC, Ph.D., LLD. Ottawa, ON Former Canadian Civil Servant and Diplomat (deceased)

Morden Yolles, CM, LL.D, FEIC, P.Eng. Toronto, ON   Structural Engineer

Noreen Young, CM.  Almonte, ON   Master Puppet Builder & Puppeteer

William J. Young, CM. Toronto, ON Social Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Salim Yusuf, OC, MD, DPhil, FRCPC, FRSC. Burlington, ON  One of the world’s leading specialists in heart disease

Eberhard Zeidler, OC, O.Ont, Dipl.Ing, LL.D, FRAIC. Toronto, ON   Architect (McMaster Health Sc Cent.)

Joyce Zemans, CM, MA, DFA. Toronto, ON   Art Historian; was Head of the Canada Council

Adam Zimmerman, OC, FCA, LL.D, D.Sc. Toronto, ON   Businessman; former Chairman, CD Howe Institute

Alvin Zipursky, OC, MD. Toronto, ON  Pediatrician

Donald Ziraldo, CM, LL.D. Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  Vintner and Co-founder, Inniskillin Wines

 Note: These endorsements of the Nuclear Weapons Convention express the views of 1,034 individual recipients of the Order of Canada.

As of April 16, 2019